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Fiber Optic and Hybrid Cable Configurator

Cables Unlimited continues to drive the industry in custom cable solutions and tools for our wireless, military/aerospace, and enterprise partners. We build cables and assemblies to exacting requirements, down to custom jacket printing.

CUI is proud to launch our logic-driven Fiber Optic and Hybrid Cable Configurator. Users can choose precisely the cables and assemblies needed for each critical build. 

Use the configuration tool and quickly create custom cable assemblies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CUI Coding engineers have worked hard to make this tool as complete and straightforward to operate as possible.

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CUI’s global solutions bridge various core industries that continue to expand wireless and enterprise infrastructure technologies.

Core Industries Served:

Problems Remedied by the CUI Tool:

  • On-site tower technicians and wireless infrastructure engineers facing crucial deadlines do not have the luxury of turning in multiple forms at the home office to order their desperately needed cable. Use the Configurator application and place your order on site. Take advantage of CUI’s fast-turn initiatives to get the cable or assembly when you need it.
  • Does your business depend on getting the right cable to customers at the best possible price? Use advanced tools from CUI; offer your clients competitive quotes, and build your business with confidence.
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CUI Fiber Optic and Hybrid Cable Configurator

Cables Unlimited continues to create new technologies and tools for valued customers. Our most recent offering, the CUI Configurator tool, provides unparalleled functionality and client convenience.

Build custom Fiber-Optic Multi-Strand Cable Assemblies in minutes. Create your perfect Hybrid Cable or assembly with desired technologies, materials, and designs to meet complex specifications. 

1. At your first screen, choose the cable required, either Fiber Optic or Hybrid. (Each selection has  singular configuration options) Enter basic contact information, then proceed to the cable configuration screen.

Fiber Optic Cable:

Fiber optic cabling solutions from CUI pass every industry requirement, giving you peace of mind for advanced cabling requirements.

  2.  Choose from the following options to customize your Fiber Optic Cable:

*A and B connections (SC APC/LC UPC to PDLC/ MPO)

*# of Strands (1 to 48)

*Jacket Rating (PVC, Plenum, LSZH)

*Modes (SM & MM ) 

*Environment (Indoor/Outdoor)

*Length Ft. (1 Foot to Custom Length)

Further customize your choice by answering a few directed questions, such as; Breakout length, Staggered or Armored? Is a Pulling Eye needed and other setup information?

Hybrid Cable:

Cables Unlimited provides tailor-made solutions modeled to satisfy the complex demands of our clients. We specialize in high quality, fast turnaround, and low-minimum cable technologies.

3.    The following options allow you to lay out each hybrid cable to precise requirements.

*Cable type (MACRO, Small Cell, DAS)

*Number of  Copper conductors  Pairs (1 to 24)

*Copper Conductors AWG (1-18)

*Fiber Strand count (1 to 96)

*Modes (SM & MM )

*Jacket Rating (PVC, Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor, OSP )

*Environment (Indoor/Outdoor)

*Shield Type (None, Copper Tape, Corrugation)

*Length Ft. (1 Foot to Custom Length)

Answer a few additional questions and take your CUI hybrid cable choice to the next level of configuration. What type of connectors are needed on the ends of your cable? What about a jumperized solution on top of the hybrid cable? Armored breakouts or weatherproof boot?

Read more in our blog: Copper Wires and Cables: History of Costs and the Coming Explosion of Demand 

Your Completed Form

4.  Once you are satisfied with the choices, submit the form and let Cables Unlimited go to work. Users can expect to receive an email shortly after form submission with the estimated order wait time, price, additional questions/requirements, and their confirmation number. If there are add-ons or packaging needs, you are provided a single point of contact.

 There may be specific instances where the product type or configuration may be too complex for the configurator tool. In rare instances, you may receive a “Beyond the Scope” response.

5. Expect an immediate call from a CUI technician. If you receive a Beyond the Scope, your inquiry is immediately handed over to a product-specific expert. 

6. Previous customers are expedited through our ordering process. Products critical to a build are shipped expedited from the closest CUI facility.

Trained CUI representatives find cabling solutions for the most demanding criteria. As the leader in our industry, Cables Unlimited is your single, most complete cabling resource. 

Our priority is providing Fiber Optic and Hybrid cable solutions to the complete satisfaction of our clients.   Contact us today. Our sales representatives are standing by to assist you with product questions and quotes Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern.