Wire Harnesses

Wire Harness Assemblies

Our Solutions Keep Systems Talking

Cables Unlimited has the design and production expertise to create any custom wire harness solution. Our teams have the absolute best tools and experience to get your project completed on time and within budget. Quality control measures we use exceed industry standards.

Our solutions keep systems talking around the globe. Wire harness assemblies maximize efficiency through binding wires together to produce a safe routing pattern. We use various wire management products such as tie wraps, PVC, slit loom tubing and other premium sleeving components.

IPC Certified Manufacturer

Wire harness design solutions from Cables Unlimited come from decades of experience across multiple industries. Projects contracted with us are from cradle to grave, and the perfect solution for any complex environment needs.

The IPC/WHMA-A-620C stands as the sole industry consensus Wire Harness Manufacturing Standard. The standard sets a collection of visual Quality Acceptability Requirements for Cable, Wire, and Harness Assemblies.

We are an IPC-620 certified wire harness manufacturer. Our training regimen is per this standard, which monitors; soldering, stripping, crimping, and securing wire harness assemblies. The IPC-620 criteria specifies the industry best practice for the manufacture of fiber optic cable and wire harness assemblies.

The IPC-620 standard identifies materials, tests, and other criteria for producing interconnections and other related assemblies.

Industries We Serve

By working with clients in different industries across the globe, we have developed expertise in being extremely versatile. Our teams are adept at handling different design variables that inevitably present themselves throughout a project timeline. Industries for which we are proud to be a wire harness supplier of distinction include:

  • Industrial Controls, these large-scale systems are extraordinarily complex operations. Our wire harness assemblies provide infrastructure services for transmitting signals and power.
  • Medical, our design team’s expertise combines components to build bio-sensitive jacks and strain relief to keep patients safe.
  • Telecommunications, our wire harnesses are used in various applications, including buried cable to communication satellites. Our design capabilities produce solutions that keep systems communicating.
  • Military, wire harness assemblies from Cables Unlimited meet strict MIL-Spec criteria. The assemblies we build are used in harsh conditions and have higher usage rates compared to other industries. We use specialized material in our design concepts like Kevlar shielding

Alternative Industries, energy to automotive in need of OEM components, Cables Unlimited has the expertise. We have the tools and experience to create a one-of-a-kind project to meet customer needs.


We use a unique blend of materials to produce the best results for cable assemblies and wire harness designs. Conductor insulation, filler, wraps, shields, and jackets produce the best results within various environments. As an example, Teflon and Kevlar can be added, which provides added abrasion resistance.

Cables Unlimited uses UL-Certified cable and wire assemblies. This practice allows our design teams to begin project work immediately with materials having known specifications. These procedures allow us to utilize time productively and have safe limits within a custom project.

Components we build are utilized by some of the most sensitive environments possible. Neonatal, ICUs, military, communication satellites employ the wiring harnesses manufactured by Cables Unlimited.

Our cable and wire harness assemblies can be customized with a variety of distinct designs and concepts. Contact any one of our team members to get your project started. We can make the difference in getting the right components to complete your project on time and within budget.

Manufacturing Procedures/IPC/WHMA-A-620 guidance

The IPC-620 standard gives every manufacturer guidance on what is acceptable, along with what is considered defective. Here are a few of the requirements and guidelines set forth by the standard.

  • Insulation crimp tabs fully wrap and support insulation. Also: insulation extends past the crimp tab. Insulation crimp needs to support wrap insulation without causing any damage. Insulation should not have signs of pinching, pulling, discoloration, or fraying.
  • Broken insulation can expose wires and cause safety issues and potential hazards. Insulation crimp must provide a minimum side report of 180 degrees.
  • Wires must be in reliable working condition, without scrapes, nicks, or other damage. Wires should not have any deformities, such as flattening, untwisting, buckling, or kinking.
  • The connector retains the wire, and the Crimp indent must be centered.
  • No Birdcaging-Wire Separation.


Custom Wire Harness

Our innovative teams can design new products or modify an existing device. Whether the project comprises a primary terminal or a complex set of conductors, we have the resources to deliver your project successfully.

Cables Unlimited has an extensive tooling inventory built over decades of leadership in the industry. Our skilled craftsmen use these tools with precision matching, at times exceeding a production machine.

When volume or absolute precision is called for, we employ fully automated solutions to meet customer deadlines. Cables Unlimited has complete control when producing custom options employed within a wire harness.

Our wire harness terminals are available insulated or non-insulated. The type of projects we contract with our customers determines whether insulated or non-insulated terminals will be used.

Wire insulation ranges from heat shrunk, vinyl, and nylon, and our premium materials make extra protection unnecessary.

We offer the following wire types:

  • Stranded, wire flexibility
  • Flexible Ground Braid, the ground between two terminals
  • Ribbon Cable, connections between devices
  • THHN-Solid, fixed application wiring
  • THHN-Stranded, flexible wiring applications 
  • Many more types.

Wire Harness; Concept to Volume Manufacturing

Cables Unlimited wire harness design process is extraordinarily complex. Design and engineering teams rely on our project plan as a blueprint. This procedure ensures all necessary components come together in the proper timeline.


Wire harness designs begin with a detailed discussion between our engineers and the customer. We aim to discover what will be required of the assembly in any given environment. Knowing the environs for the harness dictates the materials we use to counteract external threats. We also discuss the most comfortable timeline for our customers and Cables Unlimited manufacturing facilities.

Sourcing materials is another crucial step in the process. It is necessary to have the materials we need on hand to meet manufacturing deadlines. Ensuring the right components are available at the right time is no easy task. We use “just-in-time” ordering, which keeps the manufacturing process as efficient as possible.


This vital stage of the process allows our teams to test multiple iterations against one another. This procedure gives us the best mix of time and production. We use different materials in real-life situations to determine the most efficient procedures and conditions.

In our testing facilities, we can mitigate against variables that cost money in the long run. No wiring harness leaves Cables Unlimited facilities with being thoroughly tested multiple times. Often we use our industry gold standard, and the automated Cirrus testing unit, for any unique fabrication parameters.


Cables Unlimited has an extensive collection of production tools available to produce flawless wire harness assemblies for our clients. We employ the Kanban method to manage, balance, and improve workflow across our manufacturing facilities.

Cables Unlimited has worked hard to earn its status as a UL-approved manufacturing facility. Each of our teams approaches every step of the process with demanding professionalism. Our passionate approach to customer satisfaction is far superior to others in the industry.

Testing and Quality Control

Our manufacturing facilities follow the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standard in testing our Wire harness assemblies. Each of our personnel uses protective gear to keep them safe from shocks and burns of live wires.

Cables Unlimited follows Safety First rules. Our Wire Harness checklist includes the following:

  • Accurate labeling and checking for defective wires and insulation
  • Continuity
  • Correct wire gauge and analyzing crimps
  • Wiring is free of moisture and corrosion
  • Pull test and testing for broken wires and shorts


Quality Control

Every wire harness Cables Unlimited produces goes through multiple testing procedures. Our test systems prevent unnecessary errors, manufacturing stress, and lost production time. We aim for high accuracy and durability, which is the key to competitive pricing.

Every step is taken to ensure accuracy at the time of production for our wire harnesses. Our quality control systems are a set of strict rule-based initiatives. These procedures bring significant benefits to each of our customers.