Harsh Environment Cables

Harsh Environment Cables

Robust Harsh Environment Cables for Uncompromising Performance

When you need cables with exceptional durability and top-level reliability, then you need harsh environment cables produced by Cables Unlimited.

Cables Unlimited can produce the custom harsh environment cables for your project. Harsh environment cables are required to perform in extraordinary conditions such as extreme pressure, radiation, heat, cold, in vacuum, chemical exposure, or in situations where a cable failure could result in catastrophic loss.

Get the cables and functionality you need without sacrificing functionality.

Harsh Environment Cables - 4 Versatile Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Industrial machinery
  • and more …

“How do I order custom harsh environment cables?”

To order these cables from us you must first tell us what kind of cable you need. We do this by constructing a “part number”. Use the chart below. Each component of the cable has a corresponding code, and then each cable requires a length (defined in meters). Instructions appear below the chart. 

TPRTPLC 2LC222OM22WhiteWxxxxxxxx


Make a selection for each of the following components: Jacket, Connector 1, Connector 2, # of Fiber Strands, Mode, Color, and Length. Each component has a corresponding code. The code for length equals the total number of meters you want for the length. 

Part-Number Format: [CODES]-[LENGTH]

Example Part Number: E84165P-55

That example part number describes a cable made of the following components: Jacket: ETFE, Connector-1: MPO, Connector-2: SC, # of Fiber Strands: 16, Mode: SM, and Color: Purple, with a length of 55 meters. 

Click the button below to place an inquiry about these types of custom cables. Include the desired harsh environment part number in the body of your message. If you’re having trouble constructing the code, describe the harsh environment cable to the best of your ability using this page and that chart as a guide.