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Cables Unlimited is the single source for any of your Ethernet cabling requirements.

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We offer various lengths, colors, shielding, and labeling as a worldwide supplier of ethernet assemblies.
We deliver custom solutions involving Cat7, Cat6, Cat6A, and Cat5e cables, meeting every networking criteria.
Our variety of ethernet cable types, connector orientations, and keying options allow your install teams to address various applications. The M8 and M12 style connectors we offer are the hardened, reliable backbone of countless data systems.

Cables Unlimited offers various Ethernet cabling solutions, with support for older Cat 5 to our newest variants Cat 7 and Cat 8


Choose from Solid UTP or Stranded UTP ethernet:


Solid UTP:

Solid insulated bare copper conductor and a cost-effective solution
Reliable UTP cabling is used for permanent and semi-permanent installs. This solution is engineered for long-distance backbone runs, PoE, and HD applications.
The cable should not be over-flexed, bent, or twisted beyond recommendations.

Stranded UTP:

This solution is for short runs, using multiple strands of insulated copper conductors.
Stranded UTP is an Ideal approach for patch cords and connecting workstations, e.g., wall outlet to patch panel and patch panel to the workstation.
Stranded UTP offers higher attenuation than solid cabling and is more flexible than alternatives.
We support legacy Cat 5. Cat 5 is an older networking cable, supporting speeds between 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps. Shorter runs feature speeds up to 1000 Mbps. Cat 5 cable is found in older routers, switches, and other legacy networking devices.
Cat 5 Enhanced is an improved variant, with better speed and reliability. Cat 5E comfortably supports 1000 Mbps, with reduced crosstalk interference.
Popular Cat 6 cable supports speeds up to 10 Gbit and improves on the many stable features of Cat 5. Cat 6 cabling features reduced crosstalk interference and offers speeds up to 10-Gigabit. Cat 6 is not commonly used in home applications.

Our Cat 6A cables are for any of your 10 Gbit infrastructure needs, with backward compatibility to the traditional 8P8C connector, referred to as RJ-45.
Manufactures with active network designs have chosen to support the 8P8C stranded connector, not GG45, ARJ45, or TERA.
Cables Unlimited offers Cat 7 solutions that are backward compatible with Class D/Cat 5E cabling and Class E/Cat 6 cabling. Extensive shielding was added to wire pairs, virtually eliminating crosstalk and system noise.
Our Cat 7 features four twisted wire pairs, terminated with 8P8C and stranded TERA connectors. Combine with G-45 connectors and achieve stable speeds up to 600 Mhz.

The following Assemblies are custom built solutions. Manufactured in our facilities, which are committed to the ISO 9001 quality management standard.
Take advantage of our “Best in the Industry” on-time delivery initiatives.


Read how the US Military called on Cables Unlimited to design and manufacture assemblies with the highest security and performance available. Cables Unlimited finished the project in less than 20 days: an unheard-of completion time in the industry.

Build a cost-effective solution; We provide custom or standard patch cables with various shielding, colors, labeling, or lengths to meet your every need.

  • Mini Cat 6 28 AWG Patch Cords: We offer the slimline Mini cat 6 for your high-density deployments. Mini Cat 6 is offered in all lengths, colors, and shielding.
  • UTP/STP Patch Cords: Manufactured in the US, our patch cords are TAA compliant. These Ethernet cables are offered in UTP, STP, Cat7, Cat6a, Cat6E, Cat5E, CMP, CMR solutions along with custom lengths and colors.
  • High-Flexibility, Industrial Assemblies: Hi-Flex copper assemblies assure reliable Ethernet connections for any harsh environment.

Each of our cable designs have been thoroughly tested to suit any industrial application.

UTP/STP Patch Cord Bundles: Custom bundles in leg counts from 2 to 72 with your choice of sleeving and wrap options. Breakout length, stagger, and labeling requirements are available.
Custom Jacket Colors: We offer UTP/STP patch cords and bundles in your jacket color of choice.

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