Coax Cables

Coax Cable Assemblies

Meeting Skyrocketing Demand

Cables Unlimited continues to meet skyrocketing demand for wireless infrastructure coax cable assemblies. We offer Digital Coax, RF cables, semi-rigid and rigid, along with low-loss RF cable assemblies.


Our reputation for delivering precision manufacturing and high performance has carried on for decades. Our position at the forefront of the industry has allowed us to build advanced cable technology. Cables Unlimited manufacturing methods bring to the marketplace innovative engineering with quality workmanship.

Call one of our engineering team members to speak about your project requirements. We need to hear about your networking power and coax needs.

Cell Towers and Antennas

Coax infrastructure from Cables Unlimited provides reliable, performance-based connections between RRUs and wireless antennas. Our teams realize the importance of PIM requirements meeting your applications. We deliver coax assemblies with superior performance and low attenuation and intermodulation for RF shielding.


Our DAS system cables provide reliable wireless services to any public infrastructure or enterprise systems. Superior installations for passive or DAS systems depend on our high-performing coax assemblies. We offer low loss, low PIM cables in various structures.

Our selection of outdoor, indoor/outdoor, and UL910 plenum-rated cable jackets fulfill DAS application needs as required by NFPA, and as may be required by state and municipal fire codes for public safety.

Cable Jacket Ratings:

Outdoor, Indoor/Outdoor, Plenum

Cable Designs:

Semi-Rigid, Flexible, Flexible Corrugated, Super Flexible Corrugated

Low PIM Coax Assembly Applications

Outdoor Assemblies:

Cables Unlimited’s Coax cables are ideal for jumper assemblies in wireless systems, and short antenna runs. We offer corrugated copper or braided shielding that withstand the rigors of harsh environments.

Plenum Rated Assemblies:

Das systems depend on coax cables that meet both performance and design of the application. Our assemblies are tested for low loss and low PIM parameters. Plenum cable jackets from Cables Unlimited meet a variety of building fire codes.

RF Industries Family of Companies

As a premier speciality division of RF Industries RFIL (NASDAQ)  we can offer a full range of commercial coax cable assemblies and connectors to meet your every need. Please visit our Coaxial Cable and Connectors division at  RF Industries or check out the convenient  RF Cable Configuration Tool.