Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Single-mode, Multimode, and Specialty Fiber Assemblies

Cables Unlimited offers its customers the finest patch cable assemblies on the market. We provide unrivaled patch routing solutions to major network hubs, data centers, and multinationals.

Unprecedented growth in network bandwidth products has strengthened our industry-leading turnaround times.


Single-mode, multimode, and specialty fiber assemblies keep network installations on time and within budget. Cables Unlimited ISO 9001 Facilities ensure our customers receive the highest level of service and products.

We offer a broad range of standard and customized solutions for your patch cable and connector requirements.

Use our Fiber Optic Patch Cable Configuration Tool for an expedited quote. Select varied options such as multiple connectors, Fiber strand, Micron count, Jacket material, and other specifications.

Patch Cord Line-Up

Cables Unlimited offers highly rated connectors and cables primarily for use in data center environments and storage area network facilities.

Each of our connectors and cable assemblies complies with the Trade Agreement Act. This designation means our products are proudly built in the USA or by other TAA compliant Nations.

Our connectors are tightly tolerated, pre-radiused ceramic zirconia ferrules with extraordinary low-loss performance. Our ceramic zirconia material offers the highest durability and data transmission performance of all ferrule material types.

Connector Options:

  • LC (Unclipped/Clipped) and LC Uniboot
  • SC (Unclipped/Clipped)
  • Legacy Connectors

Connector Boots:

  • Ribbed, Mini-Ribbed
  • Angled
  • Other options and materials available

Connector Polish:

  • UPC, APC, PC

Patch Cord Options

Our cables and connectors provide a vast array of solutions for our customers. We have designed infrastructure cabling for data environments across the globe.

Cable Options:

  • OM1 cabling comes in a core size of 62.5µm, supports up to 10 gigabit Ethernet speeds, and a length of up to 33 meters
  • OM2 solutions feature a core size of 50µm, 10Gb Ethernet, and lengths to 82 meters.

Om1 and Om2 cabling are ideal for LED equipment that sends hundreds of signals down the fiber optic cable.

  • Our OM3 patch cable features the same core size as the OM2 solution at 50µm. This cabling can handle runs of 300 meters with 10Gb Ethernet speeds. Technology has increased the overall capabilities of OM3 cabling, up to 40Gb and 100Gb, with 100-meter runs.
  • OM4 cabling has improved upon the same core of 50µm, a 10Gb speed with lengths up to 550 meters. Our OM4 cabling supports 100Gb speed to 150 meters.
  • OM5 from Cables Unlimited is a multimode configuration explicitly designed for high bandwidth and short to medium applications. OM4 and OM5 cables are ideal for high-speed data environments.

Multimode fiber solution is cost-effective for inside buildings, while single-mode is better suited for outside longer distance runs. We offer cable sizes of 1.6mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm. Polarity is cross-ever (A-B, B-A) or straight (A-A, B-B).

Our Cable solutions have exceptional Flame Ratings:

  • OFNR
  • OFNP
  • LSZH

Agency / Standard Compliance

Cable Connector
RoHS/REACH Compliant ANSI/TIA 568 Corning Bend-Insensitive Fiber OFNP Jacket: NFPA262 OFNR Jacket: UL1666 LSZH Jacket: NEC Rated
RoHS/REACH Compliant ANSI/TIA 568 ANSI/TIA 568 Telcordia GR-326 500 Matings Operating Environment: -40°C + 85°C (- 40°F + 185°F) Cable Retention: 15 Lbs.