OptiFlex Hybrid Cables and Wireless Tower Solutions

OptiFlex™ Hybrid Composite Cables

Wireless Tower Solutions

OptiFlex™ Hybrid Cables, the optimal solution for wireless carriers seeking to upgrade infrastructure to 5G technologies and beyond. Factory terminated cabling, with schemes for hybrid power and communications, built to rigorous standards for our clients.

Climb the Tower, Attach the OptiFlex™ Cable, Connect, and You’re Done!

Cables Unlimited offers the OptiFlex™ cabling solution for Tall Tower 5G upgrades and beyond. OptiFlex™ cables can power multiple radio heads, up to 650 feet.

OptiFlex™ Custom Hybrid Cable reduces wireless carrier’s CAPEX and OPEX costs:

  • Installs are quick and secure with OptiFlex™ cables. Designed for direct installation, with no additional boxes or hardware on the tower involved.
  • More importantly, Carriers who use Cables Unlimited’s OptiFlex™ solutions; save additional hardware lease costs.
  • OptiFlex™ cables are factory pre-terminated, reducing errors and speeding installation times.

OptiFlex™ Hybrid Cable Assemblies

The OptiFlex™ innovative architecture combines multiple fiber optic and power cables in a variety of outer shields serving as the ground. We use this innovative outer wall in place of traditional, less efficient materials. Copper tape configurations are available on request. Bundled coaxial and ethernet cables also available to boost performance.

Let our knowledgeable design staff help with the provisioning of your wireless infrastructure requirements

OptiFlex™ cables feature PVC, Plenum and LSZH  jackets that are heat, moisture, and UV resistant. Cables Unlimited has ensured the outdoor ratings of OptiFlex™ cables that are weatherized for optimal performance in challenging environmental conditions. We also offered the most up to date Jumperized Hybrid Solutions that future proof your application. No longer will you have to replace a hybrid when a new radio is installed. Just install a new jumper and save time, money and get your new system up and running in not time at all.

OptiFlex™ hybrid and communications cabling connect DC power and RF radio signals, and fiber communications from the RRU to your tower’s BBU. OptiFlex™ solutions eliminate the need for wasteful tower hardware expenditures.

We offer the perfect solution to wireless carriers, updating networks to 5G technologies and beyond. Cables Unlimited OptiFlex™ fiber optics, ensure maximum performance for your wireless tower operations.

Cables Unlimited provides fully integrated rack and stack data centers for BBU’s. We can pre-wire and terminate hybrid cables used in5G,4G, WiMAX, and LTE wireless cable deployments.

OptiFlex™ Hybrid Cable Advantages

  • Technicians apply standard mounting hardware when installing OptiFlex™ cabling. Cables Unlimited design teams can construct OptiFlex™ cabling to your wireless tower site specifications. OptiFlex™ is weatherized from end to end, ensuring optimized performance in harsh, rugged surroundings.
  • OptiFlex™ specialty shielding is much lighter versus traditional corrugated aluminum or copper shields, decreasing tower load and increasing cable flexibility. Let our project teams offer you optional configuration ideas.
  • We can deploy OptiFlex™ cabling in lengths up to 650’ with low voltage loss. Custom configurations may have better results.
  • System efficiency is bolstered with OptiFlex™ terminated fiber. Errors by field terminations are lessened dramatically, with reduced installation times,

Custom Enclosures for Fiber, Coax, Power and Ethernet

Cables Unlimited can supply Customized weatherproof enclosures for every tower or small cell design. Our production team  can pre-wire and terminate hybrid cables used in 5GM 4G, WiMAX, and LTE deployments; whether it is a combination of fiber, coax, power or ethernet.

Let Cables Unlimited save installation time by integrating  your system requirements into a single enclosure, ready to be mounted at the site.

OptiFlex™ Hybrid Connector System

Turn to Cables Unlimited for skilled and decisive solutions for a variety of FTTA applications.

Fiber Optic (MPO/MU) and copper connectors

Use our highly efficient plugs attached directly to the RRH with the bulkhead receptacle or connect to another hybrid cable. The features and benefits of these configurations are enormous.

Connectors Type Connector Compliance and Ratings
Combines power and fiber into a single cable with a single connection • 1-96 fiber cables and up to power cables of 2-22 AWG • Integrated MPO or MU fiber connectors • Single-mode or multimode fiber cables • Armored, unarmored and flexible corrugated cable available. • Weather-sealed, waterproof. • UV-resistant, Rodent proof • UL Rated
• Factory assembled by Corning certified technicians • Reduces installation time, mistakes, and expense • Tested against contamination from dirt and outside elements • Eliminates installation damage • Minimizes maintenance and repair costs

Our design teams offer individual breakout systems; factory terminated cable assemblies. Cables Unlimited wants to discuss your wireless infrastructure requirements, costs, and configuration.

Wireless Rescue Reels

Cables Unlimited wants to be the single authority for all your custom wire and cable assemblies for any wireless infrastructure requirements.

This commitment led us to the Wireless Rescue Reels assembly. This is a custom configuration crank reel for your emergency wireless infrastructure needs. When a cable fails, the reusable tactical reel serves as an immediate disaster recovery kit.

Cables Unlimited versatile Wireless Rescue Reels are customizable, available in fiber, copper, and hybrid with your choice of connectors’.  These reels are the perfect solution for towers, rooftops,small cells  and in-building applications. Military Grade cables are available.

Cables Unlimited Commitment

Our teams carefully evaluate every facet of your technical requirements.  Cables Unlimited solutions will deliver a cabling architecture within budget, quantity, and any time constraints.

Our engineering responsibility begins at the moment of your inquiry. Through each stage of your project development, Cables Unlimited is committed to the highest quality cables  with the fastest lead times available.