Medical Cables

Medical Cables

Mission-Critical Reliability From Cables Unlimited

Cables Unlimited is a preferred contractor for some of the world’s largest healthcare systems. Our engineering and design teams build a variety of medical cables and assemblies.

Our custom medical assemblies provide mission-critical reliability in all hospital situations and medical equipment manufacturers. Cables Unlimited creates individualized solutions from designs your team provides or from ours. Our expertise extends to any unique specifications or environmental .

conditions your medical system may encounter.

Every product we deliver; cables, connectors, and assemblies are built in the United States. We do not rely on overseas manufacturing, which can lead to unknown material substitutions and unplanned changes.  Controlling the quality of our processes lets us improve on every product and innovate with new technologies.

Cables Unlimited stands firmly behind our American made cables.

We are a leader in the design and deployment of medical interconnect technologies. The fiber optic and hybrid cables we build power health systems that save lives worldwide. Cables Unlimited products are REACH and RoHS compliant.


  • Operating room technologies
  • Ventilators and autoclave equipment
  • Diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring
  • RF Ablation systems
  • RF Ablation systems

Cables Unlimited assemblies and cabling solutions are the best in the world. We stand by and support the reliability of our products. The signal integrity and performance of our cables and connectors are consistent across the board.

Each cable, connector, and assembly we build features the same excellent quality.  

Engineers at Cables Unlimited work with a full complement of various jacketing material. We develop high technology solutions with advanced thermoplastics that improve shielding.

Vertical integration and technology help us deliver the reliability you need. We can design and deploy virtually any medical application, including the following:

  • Pulse oximetry and temperature monitoring, and other patient care & monitoring needs
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)
  • Surgical applications

Medical Cables and Assemblies

Our wide array of cables and assemblies support various power and data requirements of health facilities worldwide. We offer custom coil cords, connectors, and advanced assemblies for various medical devices, including Class III.

Let Cables Unlimited Design Engineers; deliver complex configurations to match and improve your current applications. We offer a variety of advanced materials in our cabling systems for shielding, insulation, and jacketing.

  • PVC and PVC Alloys
  • Polypropylene
  • Fluorinated Elastomers (FEP)
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)
  • Polyethylene

Our knowledge and expertise extend to field services for a complete quality control offering. 

Our engineers use comprehensive electrical and mechanical flex life testing services. We also use an on-site burn chamber and C-Track.

Cables Unlimited is a nationally recognized cable assembly manufacturing service. We can provide commercially available fiber optic connectors, and design complex military-grade assemblies.

Our broad array of services can terminate and test any cable or connector included in your schematics. We offer polishing fixtures, interferometer adapters, and test equipment. 

Cables Unlimited engineers can develop and build custom polishing fixtures that can match your applications.

Take advantage of our in-stock polishing fixtures for quick turn-around on commercial connectors such as LC, FC, ST, MU, MTP, MT-RJ. Also, military ferrules such as ITT ruby ferrule, ITT PHD, 29504/14 and 15, and connectors FDDI, ESCON, Biconic, SMA, D4, and SMPTE304.

Medical Grade Connectors

Cables Unlimited offers a variety of non-magnetic connectors and RF connector interfaces, including BNC, TNC, DIN 1.02/2.3, N, SMA, BMA, MCX. And MMCX.  

Our rack and panel products are used on internal wiring harness assemblies to connect subsystems and other external equipment.

Our combination D-Sub connectors allow engineers to mix power and RF signals in a standard D-sub configuration. We offer wire-to-board power terminals, which include the PowerSnap and C-Press 121.

Let our engineering teams, design and integrate your mission-critical systems. Call today for a custom quote.