OptiTip® Compatible and OptiTap® Compatible Solutions

OptiTip® Compatible and OptiTap® Compatible Solutions

Quick Turn Fiber Initiative

Our Quick Turn Fiber Initiative delivers the shortest lead time for infrastructure build outs. Design Teams offer OptiTip® compatible and OptiTap®  compatible assemblies, along with high-quality fiber jumpers and multi-termination trunks.

Take advantage of Cables Unlimited’s U.S. high quality production and design networks nationwide. We deliver a variety of configurations and compatible assemblies to large scale infrastructure providers and contractors. We are Fast, Reliable and Cost Effective.

OptiTip® Compatible Cables

Cable Unlimited’s certified technicians install and manage fiber optic cabling or wireless infrastructures with field-proven Corning OptiTip® compatible assemblies.

  • We design the OptiTip® compatible assembly for fiber access networks and all coming certified networks. 
  • We configure OptiTip® compatible assemblies for rigorous indoor and outdoor applications. Cables Unlimited design and production teams provide innovative cabling solutions for speed at deployment and reduced installation costs.

OptiTap® Compatible Cables

Cables Unlimited’s Quick Turn initiative gives customers a broad range of Connectors for varied deployments. In nearly every large scale FTTH and FTTA deployment for the past 14 years, OptiTap® compatible cables have been used.

  • Our solutions include the Corning OptiTap® Compatible Hardened Connectors.  Hardened connectors are the intelligent choice for FTTH and Small Cell deployment
  • OptiTap® Compatible Hardened Connectors provide reliability in the field. Connector bodies feature two keys that guide the connector into the adapter. This feature serves to insulate the polished ferrule end face. If the OptiTap® compatible hardened connector is damaged, the critical end face is protected from contamination.

OptiTip® and OptiTap® Available Options

Connectors Type Connector Compliance and Ratings
OptiTip® / HMFOC® and OptiTap® /HFOC®
RoHS/REACH Compliant
OptiTip® / HMFOC® and OptiTap® /HFOC®
RoHS/REACH Compliant

Cables Unlimited’s Quick Turn Initiative

Our Quick Turn Fiber Initiative ensures industry-leading lead times, along with lifetime warranties for our customers.

If any of our assemblies fail due to a manufacturer’s defect, we replace the part, Free of Charge. Another advantage to our Initiative; the inventory stocking program works directly with customers, ensuring timely delivery of cables and fiber assemblies.

No more installation or maintenance delays. We designed the Quick Turn initiative for shipping most configurations of our fiber jumpers, OptiTip®, and OptiTap® compatible assemblies, within one to two weeks.

As challenges grow for the wireless world, Cable Unlimited’s Quick Turn Program covers our customer’s build out of simplex and duplex fiber jumpers along with multi fiber trunks.  Initiatives encompass custom-configured MTP/MPO fiber cabling and Corning compatible assemblies.

We deliver interconnect solutions with environmentally rated ruggedized materials:

  • Wireless Network Systems
  • Macro Cell Towers
  • DAS/Small Cell/PICO Cell
  • Outdoor DAS Networks
  • FTTA, FTTH, FTTX Applications

High-performance wireless connections between base and remote radio units require only the finest connectivity.  Our Field-proven OptiTip® and OptiTap® compatible assemblies provide consistent reliability that our customers demand.

Our Promise

Cable Unlimited’s FTTA, FTTH, and DAS interconnect solutions meet accelerated demand for wireless and fiber communication infrastructure. Our assemblies provide reliable connections in the harshest outdoor conditions.

Skyrocketing demand for high-speed technology has created a structural change in qualifications for equipment and installation sites. Cable assemblies require constant administration of installation requirements for LTE and 5G densification.

Design and production teams relentlessly keep abreast of custom design iterations and other configurations affecting our customers. Cables Unlimited developed techniques that allow for cable and connection type variations that suit diverse application and environment demands.

Our industry reduced lead times provide vast cable and connectivity options for large scale infrastructure providers and contractors.