MTP/MPO Cables

MTP®/MPO Cables

Cable assemblies and Fiber trunks

Cables Unlimited builds and markets the highest-quality single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables in the industry. We provide unmatched quality, with an aggressive pricing structure for every product we manufacture.


Each MPO/MTP® connector, cable assembly, or fiber trunk we build fits the most demanding requirements. Every product we manufacture satisfies the highest quality standards in our industry. Our assemblies are individually tested and come with a comprehensive lifetime guarantee.

Components we manufacture come with the demanding Telcordia GR-326 performance standard.  A definitive regulation is used to safeguard optical assembly execution over various environmental, mechanical, and time parameters.

We offer unparalleled optical fiber performance with quality end-face geometry, minimizing unnecessary power loss at each connector. This is a critical performance upgrade as optical budgets begin to tighten. Higher network speeds and the increased number of connections in network designs have created fiscal shortfalls.

Connecting Your Business

Our MTP® fiber system is an innovative group of products that can move your business communications into the new millennium. MTP® fiber and assemblies take their moniker from the MTP® “Multi-fiber Termination Push-on connector. MTP® products were designed as a high-performance upgrade of the MPO connector.

Our MTP® connectors allow for high-density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms.

MTP® Fiber Applications:

  • Backbones
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Building Fiber Optic Distribution
  • Quick set-Up of New Wiring Hubs
  • Warehouses
  • Direct Termination of Ribbon Cables
  • Repair of Plug and Play Universal Systems Solutions
  • Trunk Cables
  • Parallel Optical Interconnect between Servers

Cables Unlimited MPO/MTP® Connectors

Compact MPO/MTP® connectors are high-density links between networks, permitting more tie-ins to the faceplate, thereby reducing your system’s footprint.

  • Cables Unlimited MTP® connectors can hold up to 12 fibers or 6 duplex channels and still manage to be the smallest connector available in the industry.
  • Ends of MTP® connectors may be polished flat or at an 8° angle.
  • Our MTP® connectors are the same size as SC connectors but accommodate 12 fibers. This feature provides up to 12 times the density, offering substantial savings in circuit card and rack space.
  • A push-pull latching mechanism facilitates an intuitive insertion and removal process. Our spring-loaded mating framework eliminates signal loss.
  • Our US Conec MTP® connectors are fully compliant with MPO criteria. Cables Unlimited MTP®connectors achieve higher performance levels when compared to generic MPO connectors.

MTP® connectors from Cables Unlimited are ready to meet the demands of your high capacity environments. Our solutions are plug and play, with easy management and expansion, and support 40G/100G/400G

MPO/MTP® Fiber Cable

Our MPO/MTP® fiber cable is configured for single-mode multi-mode. MPO multi-mode cable architecture carries several signals at once. Bandwidth is increased exponentially with our single-mode MPO cables that carry a single signal to its source.

We terminate our fiber optic cable in a few different ways, depending on your requirement specs. Optical fiber pigtails have pre-terminated SC, LC, FC, and ST connectors; fused at one end of the fiber. Cables Unlimited offers MPO and MTP® fiber pre-terminated by our factory-trained technicians.

MTP®/MPO Cable Assemblies and Fiber Trunks

Cables Unlimited MTP® and MPO cable assemblies and fiber trunk initiatives can reduce the time it takes for your infrastructure facility to be in full operation. Our trunk cables are a cost-effective alternative to the time-consuming procedure of field-termination.

We offer a vast array of cable assemblies, including single-mode and multi-mode MTP® assemblies, MTP®-LC, MTP®-ST, MTP®-FC, MTP®-MU, MTP®-MT-RJ, MTP®-E2000, simplex, and duplex. We provide UPC MTP® assemblies and APC MTP® cables.

Our trunk cables are pre-terminated and tested with SC, ST, LC,FC, ST, or MTP®/MPO fiber connectors. The assemblies we provide with our MTP® or MPO connectors offer easy installation and convenience and take up the least amount of space for all trunk cable options.

MTP® Fan Out fiber assemblies provide a convenient connection to equipment or panels terminated with a multiple array of connectors.  Our assemblies are available pre-wired into patch panels and wall enclosures. 

The MTP®/MPO break-out assemblies feature several fibers, each with its own jacket, grouped into one larger enclosure. Our fiber optic patch cables are ideal for several applications, including data distribution routing.

Cables Unlimited MTP® trunk cables provide a complete fiber optic backbone solution without the need for any field-termination.

Our custom MPO/MTP® assemblies are engineered to make certain your teams’ specific requirements are met. Essential criteria such as bend radius, insertion loss, back reflection, fiber count, break-out, or fan-out are featured.  

We work closely with each of our clients to refine requirements and understand their needs.  Our design and advance teams pay meticulous attention to every phase of the custom fiber design and manufacturing process.

We manufacture single-mode and multi-mode fiber for harsh environments. If your requirements fall into any of the following parameters: water -blocked construction, armored construction, aerial construction, and tactical requirements, We would like to talk with you.