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The Future of Connectivity in Healthcare

No other industry boasts of its rich potential in medical breakthrough technologies than wire and cable. Healthcare device and application development depend entirely on the continued innovation of its underlying cable and assembly segment. What is the future of connectivity in healthcare?

 The following post on Life-saving cable assemblies for the medical industry points out the superiority of products delivered by Cables Unlimited. Our engineering and fabrication teams are the best at what they do; bringing advanced cable assemblies to the future of medical devices

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Cables Unlimited

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For nearly three decades, Cables Unlimited has been leading the industry in advanced assemblies for the medical device market. CUI engineers use the most refined engineering and manufacturing processes the world has to offer. Precision-grade medical assemblies are brought to market at timelines no other manufacturer can match.

Cables Unlimited’s custom medical assemblies are used in everything from endoscopes and sterilization systems to surgical robots and exoskeletons. CUI engineers are building ground-breaking cable-supported infrastructure equipment, along with advanced surgical mechanisms.

Assemblies from CUI provide mission-critical and life-saving reliability in all environments to hospitals and medical device manufacturers. The fiber optic and copper cables we use are REACH and RoHS compliant.

The World Health Organization states medical imaging equipment is one of the most crucial tools doctors use to help their patients. Substantial advancements are taking place in cloud computing and hardware like medical cable assemblies.

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CUI builds world-class cable assemblies, including the following 6 technologies:

  • Coblation surgical assemblies
  • Pulse oximeter assemblies
  • Surgical knife assemblies
  • Ultrasound and laparoscopic surgical assemblies
  • Disposable surgical wand
  • Other high volumes of single-use assemblies

CUI is a complete cable solution for medical device makers:

  • MRI, PET, CT scan, and X-ray
  • Autoclave sterilization
  • DNA and chemical analysis
  • Patient handling

Machines that use our technology are dependent on the robust transmission of a signal. Cable assemblies must be present to ensure doctors are receiving the highest form of image available. Cables and assemblies built by CUI stand up to the rigors of constant use.

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Next-Generation Technologies

Healthcare organizations are overwhelmed with bandwidth-intensive device technologies flooding the market. Elite companies such as Cables Unlimited ease the strain with their dominant move into Wi-Fi 6 and 5G.

The next generation of wireless technologies will attempt to ease the congestion hospitals and doctors are experiencing. Higher bandwidth and increased capacities will bring improved performance to organizations across the sector.

With the help of governments and talented organizations, healthcare organizations are beginning to tap into the advantages of these technologies. They are vital links in the essential connectivity of healthcare. 

Next-generation: two network technologies that will bring about huge improvements:

  • High-demand environments such as hospitals will increase network efficiency with low latency for their OFDMA schemes. With OFDMA, up to 30 devices can share a single channel.
  • MU-MIMO is another technology hospitals will see an immediate impact. Access points will be able to transmit to a growing number of clients.

From, “Wi-Fi enabled medical devices will be able to take advantage of the new smarter bandwidth. As an example, infusion pumps will be able to negotiate a specific time to send their data. Rather than dozens of low-powered devices remaining online all the time, MU-MIMO will allow the device to turn itself on when it is time to send its data.”

Cables Unlimited Takes nothing for granted when it comes to building advanced assemblies for its medical devices. Jacketing materials used in our assemblies are advanced thermoplastics, protecting the products under harsh conditions.

Our assemblies use the finest 304 and 316 stainless steel in the world. Advanced materials currently in development are galvanized steel, nitinol, tungsten, Vitallium, titanium, and Inconel.

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The Future of Connectivity in Healthcare

One of the most promising areas in cable assemblies and medical devices; is exoskeletons and medical robots in surgery.

Exoskeletons use cables that are less restrictive than other applications. 304 and 316 stainless steel is an excellent material because it does not fail due to moisture such as sweat. Engineers must compromise the rigidity of the material without too much cost to stretching.

Exoskeletons make use of pulling cables and other actuating components. All these considerations help the device’s appendages move in concert with the wearer. Cable assemblies in exoskeletons must be small, flexible, and highly precise.

Cables and assemblies used in this technology must pass a long list of complex design requirements. Cables Unlimited is well suited to take advantage of this emerging technology.

Robotic Surgery

One of the most exciting procedures made available in the last 20 years is using robots for minimally invasive surgeries. This innovative technology is rapidly advancing the field of surgical procedures.

Engineers at Cables Unlimited are developing new materials and processes for electromechanical cable and wire, which are custom-tailored to the device. Our cable fabrication methods meet every medical regulation to bring only the best products to market.