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E2000 Fiber Optic Assemblies

Our E2000 fiber optic assemblies are the first choice for industrial high-speed networks and wireless applications. Cables Unlimited delivers custom solutions at competitive prices with unrivaled delivery times.

CUI constantly innovates to meet an ever-increasing demand for high-performance networks. The E2000 patch cable and multi-fiber trunks result in a performance upgrade to high-density applications, delivering exceptional repeatability.

E2000 Fiber Patch Cable Applications

·  Telecommunications
·   Wireless 5G,4G, Legacy networks
·   LAN & WAN
·   Broadband
Our assemblies are delivered color coded with mechanical keying if needed to improve correct mating in the field. The body is designed to prevent endface damage during mating.

E2000 – LC cable assemblies are fabricated to the highest international standards from sophisticated manufacturing methods. These cables are highly reliable, thoroughly tested, and built exclusively in the United States.

The E2000 system is offered in singlemode, multimode, and LC,SC,ST simplex, duplex, and multi fiber versions. Our E2000 fiber cabling can be delivered either Riser, Plenum, or LSZH-rated. Our E2000 cable can be designed with the ultimate in fire resistance for your indoor, outdoor or commercial space.

The E2000 from Cables Unlimited, comes in custom lengths and jacket colors. We offer various outer diameter cables, 0.9 / 1.8 / 2.0 / 3.0 / mm, which fit your applications, exactly. We even provide armored assemblies
·   9/125 Single-mode
·   50/125 multimode
·   62.5/125 multimode
·   Cables are PC, UPC, and APC types
·   RoHS cables are available
·   Compliant with EN 186270 and IEC 61754-15 standards
·   Conforms to Telcordia, EIA/TIA, and IEC criteria

No other cabling offers low-smoke zero-halogen characteristics as the CUI solution. Our E2000 cable supports a wide variety of existing and future applications, with good interoperability in design and installing high-speed networks.

Callout 1 text: The E2000 from Calbes Unlimited comes in custom lengths and jacket colors.

E2000 Connector Assemblies

Our E2000-LC fiber cables feature the small form factor, with the widely used LC Connector. The Cables Unlimited E2000 connector features low insertion loss, with low back reflection.

The E2000 connector is suitable for high-availability applications from telecommunications and sensor technology to medical and measurement systems. These connectors are excellent for data centers and high-speed LANs.
Bolstered by our close-fit components and optimized production process, the E2000 connector achieves the best insertion and back reflection loss available.

Our E2000 connector incorporates high-precision alignments, showcased in high-speed networks the world over. A spring-loaded shutter design fully protects the ferrule from dust, scratches, and other damage. These unique connectors are one of the very few fiber optic connectors globally, featuring a self-closing aperture against outside pollutants.
Advanced E2000 connectors are constructed with a variety of  OD zirconia ceramic ferrules. These ferrules are one of the most critical components of the E2000 assembly. Ceramic ferrules from Cables Unlimited are crafted with a precision of 0.001mm in concentricity and 0.005 eccentricity for the single-mode ferrules.

We offer flexible customization for your applications, great pricing, and fast delivery to your site. The CUI E2000 patch and trunk cables are widely used in demanding industries such as wireless telecommunications due to the high-quality and spring-loaded protective cap providing the ultimate safety protection.