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Fiber Optic Technology Soars in Military and Aerospace Industries

The Aerospace and Defense Industries serve as a valuable breeding ground for pivotal new developments in advanced fiber-optic technology.

The following post highlights the tremendous strides military and modern avionics are making with fiber optic technologies. Fiber from Cables Unlimited contributes stable efficiencies over copper-based architecture.

  • Military and Aerospace see Fiber Optics as a key to the Future
  • Military Application of Fiber Optics
  • Communications
  • Weapon Systems
  • Optical Computing
  • Fiber Optics in Aerospace
  • Modern Avionics
  • Flight Control Systems

Growing demand for bandwidth in a compact, lightweight, and low-power application drives optical technologies’ demand. Engineers from the military and Aerospace have sent the request out to technological enterprises around the world.

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Fiber Optics Is Vital to the Military and Aerospace

A handful of companies, such as Cables Unlimited, can fill these requests.
  • Reduction in size, weight, and power (SWaP)
  • Immunity from electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Secure communication (tapping can be detected)
  • Ease of installation
  • Mil-Aero Optical Computing

Cables Unlimited delivers data-rate cabling solutions for any branch of the military. CUI has the capacity for high bandwidth, commercial fiber applications, with low-loss repeatable performance. Fiber optics for the military and Aerospace is expected to reach over $2.0 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 1.93%.

Cables Unlimited and its AS9100D certification are regarded as a backbone enterprise in the Aerospace and Military Industries.

AS9100D dictates a unique set of requirements every company must follow. The demanding certification is recognized internationally as a benchmark for quality supply chain management.

High-speed communication systems are expected to drive the fiber optics market well into the future. Primary growth is attributed to unmanned systems and military aircraft with high-speed data.

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Military Applications of Fiber Optic Technology

Fiber optics and military communications are well suited for each other. With no electromagnetic field, eavesdropping is constrained. This feature alone makes the use of fiber by the military extremely attractive.

Military fiber optic applications in the area of weapon systems are extensive. Short, medium and long-range weapons are made for fiber optics. Lock-on fiber-guided systems are made possible by the fiber data link. Each branch of the military is now heavily involved in the research and development of fiber-based weapon systems.

Optical Computing is now a fundamental building block for both the military and Aerospace. Computational speed is several orders of magnitude over conventional architectures. One drawback to conventional computing with copper was the heat generated; optical computing by fiber optics does not have that problem.

Fiber optic data cabling solutions from Cables Unlimited offer transmission rates that go far beyond conventional *copper media. Cables from CUI are rugged, robust, and lightweight. CUI cable assemblies are built to meet every standard for optical and physical performance.

Research institutes around the world are applying fiber optics to everyday life. Aerospace and the military have been actively pursuing advanced neural network computing in every phase of operations.

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Fiber Optics in Aerospace

Aerospace has found fiber optics to be one of the great discoveries for its industry.  Data is transferred quicker at any distance. Cables are rugged and improve the performance of mission-critical applications.

Engineers from Cables Unlimited will craft prototypes with an end-to-end solution for any of your optical or mechanical needs. Our design staff can polish and test various aerospace connectors and cable assemblies at any quantity with industry-leading lead times.

Modern avionics is using the vast resources of fiber optics to solve weight and power problems of the past. Higher bandwidth with less weight than copper and fiber optics are immune to EMI spikes. Better signal integrity is being gained through fiber.

Fiber optics technologies are now being used in present and future, next-generation flight control systems. Tremendous weight gains and data efficiencies are being gained by using fiber optics. The new paradigm of Fly-by-Light has taken a firm hold on the avionics industry. Neural network technologies are expected to take modern avionics to a new level of efficient flight. 

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