M12 Cables

M12 Cable Assemblies

Technology Across Industries

Cables Unlimited manufacturing facilities produce assemblies in customer-specific plug and play configurations. These capabilities allow design flexibilities, with quick installations in a variety of industrial environments.

Applications for Our Assemblies:

  • Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Production equipment and machine tools
  • Material handling

Application requirements determine the cable types we use. Cable lengths we offer range from 0.5 to 500 meters, which covers various customer applications. Our assemblies provide specific application solutions and are used in conjunction with Cables Unlimited male/female connectors.

Our Most Common M12 Cable Code Connector Assemblies:

It is essential to choose the right connector, pinout, and code when deciding on your application’s cabling requirements. Each of our specialty cables has different features corresponding to its use. Evan standard cable sizes have a variety of connector types for each application.
1. A-Code connectors are our most common device. Each connector will have between two and twelve pins. These are ideal for sensors, actuators, and motors.
2. Our B-Coded connectors have between three and eight pins and are used primarily for Fieldbus connections, including systems operating on the highest levels of connectivity.
3. C-Coded connectors are not as standard as the others. They are used mostly with AC sensors and actuators. Our C-Coded connectors are equipped with a dual keyway for added security. This security feature ensures the connector will not be used in place of another cable.
4. We offer D-Coded couplers, typically used in network cables for Ethernet . D-Codes transfer data at up to 100 Mb and typically come with three to eight pins.
5. X-Coded connectors are the newest addition to an advanced networking solution. Our line-up has grown in popularity due to its extraordinary ability to transfer data up to 1 Gb. Pins on our X-code connectors are set at four to eight and are perfect for any of your industrial or transportation applications.

M8/M12 Coded Assemblies

We provide a full solution for shielded and non-shielded applications in advanced industrial networks. New product lines from Cables Unlimited meet the industry-recognized IP67 rating for industrial protection.
Our cable assemblies provide additional industrial protection against electromagnetic radiation, chemicals, and mechanical stress. Our quick-turn assemblies reduce unnecessary downtime and maintain continuous operation in critical situations.
Cables Unlimited offers M12 cable assemblies in either single or double-ended and straight or angled versions. We provide M12 assemblies in all shielded variants.

Applications in Ethernet Cabling:

  • Transportation
  • Communications
  • Process Control Systems
  • Industrial Machinery and Automation
  • Machine Tools and Robotics

Features of Our Assemblies:

Assemblies can feature halogen-free jacketing that is flame-retardant thermoplastic polyurethane (PUR) or another flame retardant non-corrosive material

  • PVC is a competitive solution for movement or vibration; PUR is suited to more demanding applications.
  • Our assemblies can withstand up to one million flexes, machine oils, abrasion, and UV radiation
  • Cables Unlimited Category 5e cables can meet transmission rates of 100Mbps in the field.
  • Our new cable assemblies are available with standard lengths, from 0.5m to 1000m
  • Our assemblies feature 360-degree shielding against EMI spikes and offer complete protection for signal and data transmissions.

Benefits of Our Ethernet Cable:

  • The technology of choice for elevated industrial applications that call for real-time data
  • Ethernet cables and connectors can be adapted to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Cables Unlimited Ethernet for Smart Factories delivers reliability, speed, and ruggedness
  • Invest in Ethernet Assemblies that provide cost-effective performance
  • Our M12 cable assemblies play a significant role in the Industrial Internet

Key Benefits of Our IP67 Rated Assemblies:

  • We offer M12 positions: 2,3,4,5 & 8 poles
  • M8 Positions: 3 & 4 poles
  • We offer M8/M12 single and double ended assemblies
  • Cable length options: 0.5 m to 10 m
  • M8/M12 Assemblies from Cables Unlimited eliminate the possibility of faulty wiring, which ensures a robust connection across industries. Our assemblies reduce downtime in harsh environments that include quick turn times and complex prototyping