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Quick Design and Deliver Is the Future

Companies of all sizes have long recognized the value of quick delivery of a product at an opportune time. Negatives are eliminated if the client receives their merchandise when it was promised.

In the early 70s, Toyota applied a management philosophy meant to meet customer demand with minimal delays. Just in time delivery was introduced to the US in the 80s and was met with limited success. It was determined that American business had a less than a mature grasp of the human element.

The major fault with JIT was supply and sales shock. The shock of not having an essential commodity for production, or a sudden surge in orders.

Nothing is more fundamental to the success of a manufacturing company than getting prototypes and products to a buyer as expeditiously as is feasible. High-tech sectors and industries are expanding devices and technologies at a blistering pace with no slowdown coming.

Each company in the supply chain must evaluate procedures to make certain each step in the prototype process is production efficient.

  • Rapid Scaling
  • Quick Design and Deliver
  • On the Horizon, Fast is Good; Fast Quality is Better

Today’s production environments are more complex, and clients have demanded more of everything, and they want it yesterday.

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Rapid Scaling

Cloud technologies are revolutionizing manufacturing. Complex supply chains and locations scattered around the world demand fresh understanding.

Cable industry supply chains are under extraordinary pressure to meet stringent cost targets. Excess inventory or any supply disruption is the villain and impacts financial performance.

Industry players are using the cloud to optimize IT resources and reduce capital spending. Supply chains can now automate every manufacturing process as if all business activity were at the same locale.

The cloud lets companies execute their business strategy and track progress from anywhere in the world.

Teams collaborate on designs of a single assembly or a complex series, pulling intellect from the brightest minds in the company. Products are built at different locales and delivered to staging countries for final assembly.

The Opportunities Are Boundless! 

Employee integration is a seamless process, and the cloud provides the platform for employees to learn, grow, and succeed. 100 Gb backbones are the future of next-gen communications in the cloud.

Wire and Cable industries and their supply chains are predicted to reach a staggering $220.9 billion market size in 4 short years. Markets include voltage applications, power transmission and distribution, data, and infrastructure.

Cloud technologies provide the wire and cable industry with a secure and reliable infrastructure, driving the sector into the next century.

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Quick Design and Deliver

Quick and efficient prototype to production is now a more vital process to the industry’s health than ever before. Company engineers from every discipline must have an eye toward production at each step, so clients receive the best product at the most opportune time. The time for quick design and deliver is here.

Clients Demand More of Everything, and They Wanted it Yesterday!

Cables Unlimited’s Quick Turn Initiatives have become industry norms, getting prototypes and products to clients in a matter of days rather than weeks. For years, the company has been hedging against excessive costs and sourcing risks. CUI responds efficiently to dramatic supply chain disruptions.

At each step in pre-production, CUI engineers consider power needs, speed of the signal, sensitivity to electrical noise, and then environmental factors are brought into play. 

Complex assemblies and pre-production considerations: engineering must debate stresses on each assembly. Will the connector be mated a few times or hundreds? How do regulatory requirements influence cable assembly designs? Again, with each decision, production is considered.

Each design and engineering staff member considers the production environment for each vital step.

On the Horizon, Fast Is Good; Fast Quality Is Better

In the past, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies were held back from prototype and production applications because of the substantial amounts of data involved. Data is no longer an issue.

Raw computing power has been enabled with applications such as Xavier from Nvidia. The system on a chip can produce trillions of deep learning operations every second. Engineers around the world are exploring the possibilities.

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Complex Demands

Clients throughout the supply chain are now demanding 2.5 Gbit/second data rates on serial products. Most of these same clients expect 10 Gbit/s rates in under three years.

The military is expanding its technologies into 5G Telemedicine. DOD has issued prototype requests for a 5G Augmented Reality training platform. Prototypes and products are more complex than ever before.

Rapid Prototyping 

For over 20 years, the practice of rapid prototyping has fostered quicker innovation to market. Engineers from around the globe have embraced the bourgeoning technologies now incorporated in the technology. 3D printing has allowed solutions to come to life quicker than ever. Products are getting to clients quicker than at any time in history.


AI-enhanced robotics are being studied by practically every significant production facility on earth. Implementing AI-enabled robotics allows for above-average cost savings along with precision and consistency.

Several advantages are realized when robotics are used in the workplace. Speed, greater safety, and reduction in errors are just a few of the advantages.  Quick design and deliver benefit greatly from robotics in the workplace. 

Moving prototype cable assemblies to a production environment utilizing a robotic workforce is a matter of reprogramming rather than retooling. The future of production is in robotics, and it is proceeding much sooner than most industry experts think is feasible.

Cables-Unlimited offers much more than state-of-the-art manufacturing – our dedicated team is also known for going to great lengths to meet the needs of our customers, including working round-the-clock to meet tight turnaround time requirements.  Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your needs.