Custom Networking Cable Assembly

Custom Networking Cable Assembly for Secured Military SCIF Data Center
Components: OM3 and OM4 Fiber Optic Cables, Keyed and Secured LC Connectors

It’s a challenge to think of secure fiber optic networking cable applications taken more seriously than those of the US military, especially if those networking cables are processing classified information relating to national security.

When a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) for the US military was built to handle matters of national security, Cables Unlimited was called in to design and manufacture a top of the line fiber optic network cable assembly with high performance and network security as priority concerns. The custom fiber optic cable assembly included some of the highest grade materials on the market, including OM3 and OM4 40 gig fiber optic cables and keyed and secured LC connectors.

This low loss makes it ideal for use in a wide range of low loss general purpose applications: short antenna feeder runs, indoor or outdoor use, direct burial, tower use, GPS, wireless communications systems, and more.

The SMA connectors paired with the customer’s LMR 400 coax cable are semi-precision, subminiature RF connectors developed with a screw type mechanism. Known for their compact design and superior electrical performance, SMA RF connectors are suitable for high-speed wireless applications.

Cables Unlimited was one of several companies the distributor reached out to for a quote on their custom LMR coaxial cable assemblies. A previous vendor for the distributor was unable to deliver a finished product for as long as four weeks. However, the distributor needed the product for its customer within a much tighter timeframe. Cables Unlimited designed and manufactured the custom coaxial cable assembly with the required SMA end connectors in half the turnaround time of the other vendor – just two weeks.

To produce the custom LMR cable assemblies within the distributor’s required timeframe, the Cables Unlimited team put in extra hours and worked night shifts to be sure that everything was not only completed quickly, but to the highest quality standards.

If other vendors are falling short of your expectations, or if you need a specialized custom cable assembly fast, Cables Unlimited will work with you to build a custom cable assembly that can be delivered within your timeframe.

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