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Optiflex Hybrid Cables & Wireless Tower NEMA Solutions

Optiflex Hybrid Cable is an all-in-one wireless tower cable solution, designed to make the infrastructure changes needed for wireless 4G, WiMAX, and LTE service upgrades easier than ever. Just climb the tower, attach the cable, connect, and you’re done!

As a hybrid power and communications cable, Optiflex hybrid cable connects both DC power and RF signal from the remote radio unit (RRU) at the top of the wireless tower, and at the baseband unit (BBU) in the shelter.

Custom-made to customer specifications, Optiflex is a flexible, pre-terminated hybrid cable which combines multiple fiber and power cables, with a braided outer conductor to serve as a ground, under one jacket. Coaxial and Ethernet cables are also available for bundling in your custom wireless cable.

Optiflex Cable’s braided outer shield is used in place of traditional corrugated materials for a smaller, more flexible solution, and easier handling during installation. However, optional copper tape or corrugated configurations are also available for these wireless tower cables.

Jackets are heat, moisture, and UV resistant PVC with direct burial capability, and cables are weatherized to ensure optimal performance, even in challenging environments.

To make installs as fast and easy as possible, our custom wireless cables are designed for direct installation, with no additional boxes or hardware required. More importantly, because the flexible cable does not require additional hardware, you can save on needless lease costs. Optiflex Cables are also pre-terminated by Corning certified technicians, speeding installation time and minimizing errors caused by field terminations.

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Custom Enclosures for Coax, Power, Ethernet, and Fiber Cables

Just as Cables Unlimited has the ability to provide fully integrated custom rack and stack data centers, we can also pre-wire and terminate the hybrid cables now being used in 4G, WiMAX, and LTE wireless cable deployments.

Whether you are using coax cable, power cable, Ethernet cable, fiber optic cable, or a combination of all four cables, Cables Unlimited can integrate your requirements into a single enclosure, all ready to be mounted onto the site to speed up installation time.

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Optiflex Brochure

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Optiflex Custom Hybrid Cable

Optiflex Hybrid Cable Specifications:

  • Constructions available to customer specifications
  • Fiber and power cable hybrid
  • Ethernet and coaxial cables also available for bundling
  • Braided outer conductor serves as a ground; copper tape or corrugated coverings available
  • Heat, moisture, and UV resistant PVC jacket, approved for direct burial
  • Pre-terminated by Corning certified technicians

Optiflex Cable Applications:

Optiflex hybrid cables are wireless tower cables for 4G wireless service upgrades, and may be used as WiMAX cables or LTE wireless cables.