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MTP Cable and MPO Cable

 MTP/MPO Fiber Connectors

Cables Unlimited offers Corning fiber assemblies using Multi-fiber Push-on connectors, or MPO fiber connectors, also commonly called MTP fiber connectors, or Multi-fiber Termination Push-on connectors. The names are used often used interchangeably, but the MTP cable term is actually a registered trademark of a high performance MPO brand designed by USConec. MTP connectors will interface with current MPO connectors.

The compact design of the MPO/MTP connectors allows high-density connections between network equipment, permitting more connectors on the crowded faceplate and reducing the footprint of the system.  An MTP connector can hold up to 12 fibers or 6 duplex channels, but still manages to be one of the smallest connectors available today. The push-pull latching mechanism of the design facilitates simple insertion and removal. Spring loaded connector mating is effective in eliminating signal loss.

MTP/MPO Fiber Cable

MPO or MTP fiber cable can be either single mode or multimode. Multimode MPO cables are intended to carry multiple signals at once. Single mode MPO cable is designed to carry only one signal, increasing the bandwidth exponentially.

Fiber optic cable can be terminated in a few ways. Optical fiber pigtails have pre-terminated SC, ST, LC or MT-RJ connectors that are fused on to the end of the optical fiber. MPO and MTP fiber from Cables Unlimited can be factory-terminated by Corning certified technicians.

MTP/MPO Cable Assemblies and Fiber Trunks

An MPO/MTP cable assembly can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get up and running. MPO/MTP trunk cable is often a cost effective alternative to time-consuming field termination. They can come with pre-terminated and tested SC, ST, LC, MT-RJ or MTP/MPO fiber connectors. The assemblies with MTP or MPO fiber connectors are commonly called “plug and play” because of the ease of installation they offer. Another benefit of plug and play cable assemblies is that they take up the least space of all trunk cable options.  They can be more costly, but they make up for it in convenience.

Another convenient cable assembly option is a MPO/MTP fan-out or break- out cable construction.  A break-out cable contains several optic fibers, each with its own jacket and all grouped together under one larger jacket. These fiber optic patch cables are ideal in applications like data distribution routing.

Custom MPO/MTP cable assemblies can be engineered to make sure specific requirements are met for things like bend radius, insertion loss, back reflection, fiber count, breakout or fan out, jacket rating, etc.

Visit our custom MTP/MPO cable assembly case study to see how Cables Unlimited came through with an emergency order of custom cable assemblies, complete with MTP connectors, to get a broadcast station up and running in just two weeks following a fire which destroyed their facility.

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