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Fiber Optic Patch Cables: Single-Mode and Multimode

Cables Unlimited assembles and markets a wide range of high quality fiber optic patch cables, including single-mode fiber cable, multimode fiber cable, and specialty fiber cables. We help our customers keep pace with the insatiable demand for bandwidth in corporate networks and data centers. The ground breaking innovations in Corning fiber cables provide customers with high quality solutions at a price and quality level unrivaled in the industry.

 From the highest quality fiber cable and connectors, to advanced production processes, we produce the best quality products to ensure that you receive precisely the cable you need for your specific application.

Use the form below to tell us about your fiber optic patch cable requirements and to request a quote.

We specialize in custom fiber optic cables, so if your specifications are not covered in the options on the form, or you need immediate assistance, please call us at 800-590-9965 to discuss your single-mode and multimode fiber optic patch cable needs.

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