Wire Harness

A wire harness is an assembly of multiple cables and wires bundled within an insulating material. It uses tie wraps, PVC, loom tubing, and other sleeving components to bundle the wires and cables. Since the harness is bound together, it provides a safe routing pattern. It further simplifies the wiring interconnections by delivering an all-in-one integrated drop-in installation across multiple connection points.

One of the significant advantages of using wire harnesses is that they can be manufactured and tested before they are installed in complex equipment. It’s far too costly to engage in troubleshooting after the equipment is assembled. Worse yet, failure after the equipment is in service could not only be expensive but even deadly.

The list of applications for a wire harness covers nearly every type of product imaginable. That includes:

  • Networking cables include Ethernet, data, and optical fiber trunk cable assemblies.
  • Small cell cables, including OptiPlex hybrid cables, custom fiber option cables, and IP outdoor-rated cable assemblies.
  • Military and aerospace cable assemblies, including TFOCA cables and fiber optic cables.
  • Medical equipment cables range from operating room equipment to ECG/EKG cables.