Mode Stripper

A mode stripper is a device used to remove high-order modes in a multimode fiber, allowing for standard measurement conditions. It is commonly used in the cable industry to ensure that cables are accurately measured and tested.

In multimode fiber cable, light travels through the core in multiple paths, or modes. These modes are divided into two categories: cladding modes and core modes. Cladding modes are the outermost modes, and they are more prone to distortion due to external factors such as bends in the cable. Core modes are the innermost modes, and are less affected by external factors. A Mode Stripper removes cladding modes, allowing only the core modes to be measured and tested.

Mode stripping is a crucial step in cable testing and measurement, as the cladding modes can cause inaccuracies in readings and testing results. By using a mode stripper to remove the cladding modes, the measurements, and testing results are more accurate. This ensures that cables are tested and measured correctly, and that customers receive the highest quality product.

Mode Strippers are an essential tool for cable manufacturers, testing labs, and other industry professionals. By removing the cladding modes, the Mode Stripper provides standard measurement conditions and accurate results. This in turn allows for the production of high-quality cables that meet industry standards.