Messenger Cable

A messenger is a parabolic structure that is added to an aerial fiber optic cable in order to help hang it to a pole or supporting wire. This structure is usually made from aluminum and is designed to be lightweight yet strong enough to support the weight of the fiber optic cable. The messenger is typically attached to the cable using a form-fitting clamp that is secured to the parabolic structure. The messenger is then attached to the pole or supporting wire using a variety of methods, such as brackets, clamps, and turnbuckles.

The messenger serves several purposes. First, it provides support for the cable and prevents it from sagging or drooping. This is important because sagging can cause the cable to be damaged or broken. Second, it helps keep the cable away from other objects or wires. This helps to prevent interference or signal loss. Third, it can be used to adjust the height of the cable to ensure that it is properly positioned and is not too close to the ground or other objects.

The messenger is an important component of an aerial fiber optic cable installation. It helps to keep the cable safe and secure and ensures that it is properly positioned. It also helps to reduce the risk of signal loss or interference. When installing an aerial fiber optic cable, it is important to choose the right messenger for the job. Different types of messengers are available and the correct one should be chosen in order to ensure that the cable is properly supported and that it is not too close to other objects or wires.