Hockey Puck

A hockey puck polishing fixture is a specialized tool used to help the manual finishing of the endfaces of certain types of optical fiber connectors. It is a molded plastic piece with a hole in the center that holds the connector in place while the operator polishes it. The connector is placed into the hole and then the fixture is placed onto a rotary polishing machine. The machine rotates the fixture at a high speed, allowing the operator to polish the endface of the connector to a precise, high-quality finish.

The design of the hockey puck polishing fixture allows for a consistent, high-quality finish on the endface of the connector. The heat generated from the rotary polishing machine is dissipated by the fixture’s design, which helps to prevent damage to the delicate materials used in the construction of the connector. The fixture also provides good support for the connector, allowing the operator to apply consistent pressure, which helps to ensure a uniform finish.

The hockey puck polishing fixture is an invaluable tool for the cable and fiber optics industry. It is used in the production of cables and connectors, ensuring that the endfaces of the connectors are of the highest quality. This ensures that cables and connectors perform optimally, providing reliable data transmission and signal integrity. The hockey puck polishing fixture allows the operator to achieve a precise, high-quality finish on the endface of the connector, which is essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of cables and connectors.