Fused Coupler

A fused coupler is a type of cable assembly that is used to connect multiple fibers. It is constructed by wrapping several fibers together, heating them, and then pulling them together to create a unified mass. This process allows light to be transferred from one fiber to all the others in the coupler.

The fused coupler is used in both single-mode and multimode applications. Single-mode couplers are used for long-distance data transmission, while multimode couplers are more suitable for short-distance communication.

A fused coupler is a cost-effective and reliable solution for connecting multiple fibers in a network. It is a less complex and more efficient way to couple fibers than splicing them together, as it requires less time and effort. The process of fusion also ensures a lower signal loss than splicing.

Fused couplers are also more durable than other types of couplers, as the heat-fusing process creates a stronger connection that is less likely to be damaged. This makes it a great option for applications that require a strong connection and high data throughput.

Fused couplers are usually composed of two, three, or four fibers, although larger couplers with more fibers can be made. The number of fibers and the type of fiber used will determine the type of coupler needed. The performance of the coupler will depend on the quality of the fiber used, as well as the design of the coupler itself.

Fused couplers are an essential part of any fiber optic network, as they provide the necessary connection between multiple fibers. They can be used for a variety of applications, from short-distance communication to long-distance data transmission.