Fiber under test (FUT)

Fiber Under Test, or FUT, is a term used to describe a cable or optical fiber that is being tested for performance. The FUT is typically put through a series of tests such as insertion loss, optical return loss, and/or near-end crosstalk to determine how it will perform in various applications. It is important to use the correct test equipment when testing FUT, as the results can vary greatly depending on the type of equipment used.

FUT testing is essential for ensuring that optical fibers are suitable for installation in a network. Without proper testing, it is impossible to know if the fiber will be able to transmit data properly. In addition to testing for performance, FUT testing can also be used to identify problems with the fiber, such as broken strands or poor connections.

FUT testing is typically performed by a technician in a laboratory setting. The technician will connect the test equipment to the FUT and then subject it to various tests. The results of the tests will then be recorded and used to determine the performance of the fiber.

FUT testing is an important part of the installation process for any cable or optical fiber. With the proper testing, the performance of the fiber can be determined and any problems identified before it is installed in a network. Without FUT testing, the performance of the fiber is impossible to know, which could lead to costly delays in the installation process.