Fiber Trunk Cables

Fiber trunk cables are pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies that connect servers, switches, patch panels, and zone distribution areas in a data center. Essentially, they are used for data center infrastructure, wireless networks, and backbone applications. In short, they are backbone cables. 

They are high-density cables that provide more efficient connectivity than multiple cables with discreet connectors and field terminations. That also means they take up less space, allowing cabling and system expansion in the existing area.

They are built to include the terminations and cables needed for a specific installation from a wide variety of fiber types and numbers. That custom build can also include OFNP, OFNR, and LSZH rate cable jackets. That means they can be built for temperature resistance, water resistance, and even protection against rodents. They can be made for indoor or outdoor use with the correct specifications.

Fiber trunk cables are used in data centers, storage area networks, high-speed computers, remote device connections, and Ethernet protocols. Since they are tested at manufacture, they provide a high-quality fast installation that works first time every time