E2000 Connector

The E2000/LX-5 connector is a small form factor designed for single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables. It is a type of LC connector, meaning it has a 1.25mm ferrule for alignment and two spring-loaded plastic clips for securing the connector into the adapter. The E2000/LX-5 differs from the traditional LC connector in that it has a shutter that covers the end of the fiber to protect it from dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

The use of the E2000/LX-5 connector allows for a more reliable connection than a standard LC connector. The shutter prevents dirt and debris from entering the connection and disrupting the light signal, leading to improved signal quality. Additionally, the shutter also helps to prevent unauthorized access to the fiber, providing better security.

The E2000/LX-5 connector is widely used in data centers and telecom applications. It is also widely used in medical, military, and aerospace applications due to its high performance and low insertion loss, making it ideal for critical applications.

The installation of an E2000/LX-5 connector requires a fiber optic terminator tool and a fiber optic cleaver. The terminator tool is used to strip away the outer jacket of the fiber, while the cleaver is used to cut the fiber to the desired length and angle. Once the fiber is prepared, the connector is inserted into the adapter, and the shutter is closed to protect the fiber from dirt and debris.

Overall, the E2000/LX-5 connector is an improved version of the traditional LC connector, offering better performance and security. Its small form factor and low insertion loss makes it ideal for use in a variety of applications, and its shutter provides additional protection from dirt and dust.