Drawing Tower

Drawing Tower is a system used to produce optical fiber cables. It uses a furnace to heat the materials that make up the cable, a polymer coating stage to add a protective layer, and a capstan-pulling apparatus to free-draw the preform into a fiber. Finally, a drum is used to wind the finished product.

Drawing Tower is a complex and precise process. The furnace must be able to heat the materials to a precise temperature in order to create the desired shape and structure of the fiber. The capstan-pulling apparatus then stretches the preform into a fiber by using a spinning arm to apply tension. The polymer coating stage is used to add an extra layer of protection to the fiber, acting as a buffer against external damage. Finally, the drum is used to wrap the fiber and finish the process.

The end result of the Drawing Tower process is an optical fiber cable that is precise and consistent in shape, structure, and quality. This type of cable is used in a variety of applications, including data transmission, telecommunications, and medical imaging. It is also used in the production of fiber optics, which are used in a variety of lighting and display applications.

The Drawing Tower system is an essential tool for creating optical fiber cables that are precise and of the highest quality. It is a complex system that requires careful monitoring and precise operation in order to ensure the best possible results.