A fiber optic coupler is a device used to connect three or more fiber optic cables together. It is used to either divide one input between two or more outputs, or combine two or more inputs into one output. This device is used to make connections between different types of fiber optic cables, or to expand the number of fiber optic cables that can be used in a single system.

Fiber optic couplers are typically composed of two parts: the housing and the contacts. The housing of the device is designed to protect the fiber optic cables and the connection points, while the contacts are the parts that actually connect the cables together. The contacts are made of metal, and the housing is typically made of plastic or metal.

When installing a fiber optic coupler, it is important to ensure that the cables are properly aligned to ensure a good connection. The contacts should be placed in the same orientation as the cables, and the cables should be inserted into the coupler until they are fully seated.

Fiber optic couplers are important components in any fiber optic network. They allow for the connection of different types of cables and the expansion of the network. They also ensure that the cables are properly connected and that the data transmitted is secure. With the increasing reliance on fiber optic networks for communication and data transmission, fiber optic couplers are essential for the efficient operation of these networks.