Burial (fiber optic cables)

Burial cable is a type of fiber optic cable designed for direct burial in the earth. It is specially designed to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of underground environments. The cable is usually made of a plastic sheath filled with strands of glass fibers, which are then surrounded by a protective armor. This armor is designed to protect the cable from damage caused by rodents and other animals that may come in contact with the cable. The cable is also designed to be moisture-resistant, which helps prevent water from seeping into it and damaging the fibers. Burial cable is primarily used in underground applications, such as direct burial in the soil or in underground conduits. Due to its strength and durability, it is often used in areas that are difficult to access or where other types of cables would be too weak to handle the conditions. It is also commonly used in areas where environmental conditions may cause corrosion or other damage to traditional cables. Burial cable is also used in a variety of communication applications, such as telephone, data, and television services. It is particularly useful in areas where traditional cables are not suitable, such as areas with extreme temperatures or high levels of moisture. It is also used in areas where burying the cable is the only option, such as in remote areas or areas where traditional cables are difficult to access. Overall, burial cable is an essential tool for communication applications that require reliable, long-term performance in underground or harsh environmental conditions. Its durability and moisture-resistance make it an ideal solution for a variety of applications.