Shopping Mall Case Study

Networking Cable, Phone Systems, LED Lighting, Racking & Stacking and Cable Mining Services – Shopping Mall Case Study

Shopping malls have a complex infrastructure of low voltage wiring connecting its stores. Data communications cables and networking cablespower cablesvoice and data lines, fiber optic trunk and patch cables, and category cables such as Cat5e and Cat6 cables all play a role in keeping the operations of the mall running smoothly. These communications, networking, and power cables are responsible for the service of the phone lines, cash registers, credit card machines, lighting, and more in each of the stores, in the common spaces in the mall, and even in the stand-alone mall kiosks.

Cables Unlimited provides these cables and completes their installations for one of the largest mall management companies in the United States, traveling across the country to meet the customer’s installation needs.

Mall kiosks pose a unique challenge for wiring. As a custom cable assembly manufacturer, Cables Unlimited builds the custom data communications cable assemblies used to incorporate the kiosks into the mall’s network. Without these specialized custom cable assemblies, the stand-alone stations wouldn’t be able to perform necessary functions such as processing credit card transactions.

Through Cables Unlimited, the mall management company is able to take care of all of its wire, cable, installation, and data center maintenance with just one vendor.

Installation services available from Cables Unlimited are not simply limited to running the new cables the company designs and manufactures. Data center management and repairs, phone system installations, and cable mining are important related services also available from Cables Unlimited. With cable mining, the Cables Unlimited team removes old wiring before the new product is brought in. Racking and stacking services for all servers and network equipment then keep the mall’s data centers streamlined, organized, and easily accessible for maintenance.

LED lighting installations are also requested by Cables Unlimited’s shopping mall customers. These installations can take place alongside any other wiring installations, and make lighting the building more efficient – providing benefits with energy cost savings and environmental friendliness.

These installation services are available nationally and internationally. Call 1-800-590-9965 to learn more about our wire and cable installation, cable mining, data center management, and LED lighting installation services.