Custom Power and Communications Cable Harness

Components: Custom Power Harness – Copper Power Cable, Communications Cable, Mil Style Circular Connectors

Water filtration systems provide clean drinking water in disaster-affected, war-torn and underdeveloped regions around the world. The filtration systems, manufactured by a private vendor, are used globally by the US military and well-known international relief organizations to support new infrastructure such as schools, military bases, and hospitals.

The special water filtration systems are mobile, so they can be moved from site to site, as needed. Custom wire harnesses are used to connect each of the water filtration systems, but there is no single wire harness that will meet the needs of each building the water filtration system is used with. A special custom power harness must be built for each and every building to accommodate its specific infrastructure and existing hardware.


When the systems were being incorporated in the Middle East, the filtration system manufacturer called on the experts at Cables Unlimited to build the custom cable assemblies required for these sensitive applications.

Cables Unlimited designed and manufactured the custom power cable harnesses using thick power cables, communications cables with high conductor counts, and mil style circular connectors with many pins. The tactical power harnesses were also outdoor rated and water and weatherproof for durability in the harsh environments in which they were installed.

Because the end-products are used to provide much-needed clean water in disaster zones and war-torn areas, and they cannot be installed without the appropriate power cable harness, time is of the essence. Cables Unlimited designs and manufactures a custom wire harness consisting of copper power cables and communications cables for each building where the water filtration system will be used. All of the custom cable harnesses are produced very quickly so the water filtration systems can be deployed rapidly.

Cables Unlimited’s expertise in custom cable assembly design, top quality manufacturing, and dedication to providing fast turnaround times on the custom power and communications cable harnesses are all essential to the success of these emergency water filtration systems.

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