Custom Outdoor Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

The US Navy takes training seriously. During shooting and ammunitions training at one of its bases, the military uses a high tech method to analyze the soldiers’ performance with the help of custom fiber optic cable assemblies. A custom tactical fiber optic cable assembly was necessary for the operation of the specialized device, which monitors the biological effects and the environmental effects on the soldiers in a high heat desert environment. In addition to weathering use in the harsh outdoor application, the fiber optic cable assembly needed to meet extra durability and flexibility requirements to accommodate the mobility of the equipment. The military cable assembly specialists at Cables Unlimited designed and manufactured a custom tactical fiber optic cable assembly on tactical cable reels, complete with IP67 and IP68 circular connectors.Tactical fiber optic cable is designed for harsh use, flexibility, and durability – ideal for a military application.

IP67 and IP68 connectors are also built for use in tough environments. IP stands for “ingress protection” and the ratings, published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), indicate the ability of the connector to keep elements like dust, water, foreign objects, and more from infiltrating the connector.

In the IP connector ratings, the 6 means that the connector is “dust tight” and can completely keep dust out, a characteristic critical to the assembly’s performance in a desert environment. For IP67 connectors, the 7 indicates that the connector is water resistant up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes or less (Note: this doesn’t mean that the connector will necessarily operate underwater – just that it will operate once it is removed from the water). For IP68 connectors, the 8 represents water resistance for continuous immersion at depths beyond one meter, as specified by the manufacturer.

In the case of the military tactical fiber optic cable assemblies designed by Cables Unlimited, the rugged IP67 and IP68 connectors were chosen for their ability to prevent any dust or water they’d likely encountered in their outdoor application from damaging their operation.

The tactical fiber optic cable on tactical reels was designed with mobility and rapid cable deployment in mind. Paired with the rugged construction of the fiber optic cable assembly, featuring high quality waterproof IP 67 and IP68 connectors, the custom assembly was perfectly suited to hard military use in the harsh desert environment.

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