Custom MPO/MTP Broadcast Cable Assembly

Custom MPO/MTP Broadcast Cable Assembly Components: MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Trunk and Patch Cables. After losing their old facility in a fire, a major broadcast network was forced to construct a new broadcasting station. Because the construction was due to an unforeseen disaster-recovery situation, it was critical that their vendors respond immediately so that they could get their business back up and running at full capacity as quickly as possible. That’s when they reached out to Cables Unlimited for custom broadcast cable assemblies.

These custom broadcast cable assemblies featured MPO/MTP™ fiber optic trunk and patch cables. Fiber optic trunk and patch cables connect two networking components and are ideal for high-density applications and a variety of networking needs.

Cables Unlimited designed the customer’s fiber optic cables with high-quality MPO/MTP™ fiber patch connectors. MPO/MTP™ connectors are built with precision molded MT ferrules featuring metal guide pins and exact housing dimensions, facilitating fiber alignment when the user is mating a pair of connectors. MTP connectors are an improvement on the earlier generation of MPO connectors. MTP connectors (multi-fiber termination push-on connectors) offer higher performance levels and better optical and mechanical properties than their predecessors, MPO (multi-fiber push-on) connectors. While generic MPO connectors lack a removable housing, the MTP connector housing allows the user to re-work and re-polish the MT ferrule or even change the designated gender of the connector.

The custom broadcast cable assemblies needed to run between various facility buildings, so Cables Unlimited designed and manufactured a cable assembly that was approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Featuring fiber patch connectors with high fiber counts, the custom broadcast cable assembly provided the flexibility and versatility necessary for supplying data to a wide range of networking devices.

Thanks to Cables Unlimited’s fast response time and efficient design and manufacturing process, the broadcast network was able to have all the new custom broadcast cable assemblies manufactured and installed very quickly. Their new facility was up and running again in only 2 weeks.

Whether you need custom cable to meet the needs of an emergency situation or because you’re on a strict schedule, Cables Unlimited can supply you with a custom cable assembly within your timeframe.

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