Custom Medical Cable Harnesses

With wire and cable, product quality is essential to your application operating to its fullest potential. In the medical field, it is especially obvious; the proper operation of a cable harness could literally mean the difference between life and death. When a major medical equipment manufacturer began experiencing quality issues with their original vendor, they knew that a new source had to be found as soon as possible. They could not risk using the existing materials for their medical equipment, and their business would suffer until a new, reliable source could be found for their custom medical cable assemblies. The manufacturer needed to recreate 80 different varieties of custom medical cable harnesses. Although they had samples of the medical cable assemblies, the equipment manufacturer did not have specifications, drawings, or any other documentation concerning the construction of the individual assemblies. Cables Unlimited reverse engineered the medical cable assemblies to determine exactly

 how the assemblies were constructed and which materials were used. Cables Unlimited then developed individual specs, identified pin-outs, and created CAD drawings for each of the assemblies. Because the wire harnesses would be used in a hospital environment to externally connect medical equipment, the manufacturer required that its wire and cable supplier be ISO 9001:2015 certified. Cables Unlimited is ISO 9001:2015 certified and adheres to strict business and quality procedures to maintain the designation. The medical cable assemblies also had to use high quality brand name cables that were RoHS compliant.

Taking on the reverse engineering of 80 medical cables and reproducing them using only first-rate materials was a major undertaking, and the effort put in by the Cables Unlimited team did not go unnoticed by the manufacturer. Cables Unlimited has built an ongoing relationship with the manufacturer, making reordering convenient through regular blanket orders. However, as most manufacturers can attest, there are situations in which emergency materials are required and you must rely on last minute orders to come through and get you back up to speed.

Cables Unlimited has been able to come through with fast turnarounds on large production requests entered with little notice, extending hours and working nights and weekends to get the custom medical cable assemblies ready on time. Cables Unlimited has also drop-shipped materials directly to the hospital. Thanks to the drop shipments, the manufacturer is able to ship the equipment to the hospital and have the cable assemblies arrive separately, in time for their installation team to connect the equipment.

When you need a custom medical cable assembly or any custom cable assembly on short notice, Cables Unlimited will put in the extra time to ensure your custom wire harness meets all of your necessary requirements and specifications while still delivering within the desired timeframe.

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