Custom Medical Cable Assembly – Internal Wiring for Surgical Heart Monitor Equipment

When a major medical equipment manufacturer and one of the most trusted names in medical devices relating to cardiac functions and neuromodulation required a specialty medical cable harness, it reached out to the experts at Cables Unlimited. The medical cable assembly would be the internal wiring of heart monitors used in operations and surgeries. Because the custom medical cable assemblies are used in the internal workings of the heart monitor, the customer cannot fulfill their orders if the assemblies are not in place. When the manufacturer received a large order for the surgical heart monitors, Cables Unlimited worked long overtime hours to ship the emergency order of medical cable assemblies required to complete their production in the necessary time frame. For medical applications, and especially in a surgical setting, the materials must meet strict quality and performance requirements. That’s why Cables Unlimited only manufactures the specialty custom medical cable assemblies

with top brand “Made in USA” cables. All cables are also RoHS compliant. Cables Unlimited has been manufacturing the medical cable assemblies since 2001, and no cable failures have ever been reported. Cables Unlimited is dedicated to meeting each of its customers’ unique needs, when it comes to products as well as service. The team will work within your required time frame and deliver the top quality custom cable assembly you need, compliant with any standards you must meet and manufactured in the USA. To learn more about what Cables Unlimited can do to help you with your next custom cable assembly, call 1-800-590-9965 or email [email protected].