Custom DAS Cable Assembly

In our technological day and age, the last thing a cell phone user wants to deal with is wireless connection issues. Distributed antenna systems cables, or DAS cables, prevent coverage problems by expanding Wi-Fi services in sports stadiums, buildings, tunnels, underground parking garages, and other large locations. If a wireless service provider is unable to provide adequate service with their antennas alone, distributed antenna system cables offer a solution. DAS cables can help to spread the signal more effectively, enabling the use of cell phones, two-way radios and wireless LAN devices.When a major sports stadium required custom DAS cable assemblies for their facility, they called the custom cable assembly experts at Cables Unlimited. In order to facilitate connection from data centers to remote

radio units (RRUs), Cables Unlimited developed a combination of hybrid and home run style custom DAS cables.

The hybrid DAS design uses fiber optic cables to carry the signal vertically along building risers to remote units where coaxial cables then distribute the signal across each floor. This hybrid design provides an ideal solution to any coverage issues the customer may be experiencing in a large area, like that in the sports stadium.

Cables Unlimited’s custom DAS cable assembly incorporated high speed OM3 and OM4 fiber optic trunk and patch cabling to support a fast connection. Known for their excellent performance in a space-limited environment, LC, SC, and MPO/MTP connectors were included in the custom design. The custom distributed antenna systems assemblies also featured ultra polish connectors (UPC) and angled polish connectors (APC) to minimize signal loss by decreasing the amount of light reflected back to the original source. Using these top-quality components, Cables Unlimited was able to manufacture a custom DAS cable assembly that provided the Wi-Fi network performance the stadium was looking for.

Whatever the complexity of your custom cable assembly requirements, Cables Unlimited will design and manufacture a top-quality cable assembly to meet all of your specifications.

Take a closer look at our Custom Cable Design Services for more information and call 1-800-590-9965 to discuss your custom DAS cable assembly needs with a Cables Unlimited representative today.