Cables Unlimited, Inc.
Networking, Power, and RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Networking Cable Assemblies

Cables Unlimited is a well known patch cable manufacturer. We offer standard and custom patch cable manufacturing of various types, shielding, lengths, colors, and labeling. We provide our customers with Cat6 cable, Cat6e cable, and Cat5e cables to meet all of your networking cable needs.

See how we built custom networking cable assemblies for a secured military SCIF data center in this network cable assembly case study.

Power Cables and Power Harnesses

Cables Unlimited manufactures and markets a wide spectrum of power cords and power harnesses for computers, peripherals, data communications, networking equipment and power supplies.

Check out our custom power and communications cable harness case study to see how Cables Unlimited designed and manufactured unique cable assemblies for one very interesting OEM.

Coaxial Cable and RF Cable Assemblies

Digital coax, flexible RF cables, rigid, semi-rigid, and conformable RF cables, and low loss RF cable assemblies are all available from Cables Unlimited.

We are a diversified RF cable supplier and manufacturer, offering standard and custom RF cables. Our capabilities span a wide variety of RF cable types, such as digital coax, antenna cables, low loss RF, flexible RF, rigid RF, and semi-rigid RF cables. Over the years, we have developed an industry-wide reputation for precision manufacturing, high performance, consistent quality, and great value. We position ourselves at the forefront of the RF cable manufacturing technology through advanced equipment, innovating engineering, high quality parts, and workmanship.

Read our custom coaxial cable case study to see how we were able to deliver a quality low loss coaxial cable assembly in just half the lead time quoted by other manufacturers!

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Custom Wiring Harnesses: Design, Prototype, Manufacture

OEM and ODM Cable Harness: From simple, point-to-point, to complex multiple-branch and fiber optic harnesses, we provide custom wiring harness design and manufacturing as well as cable harnesses to commercial, military, and industrial markets.

 Cable Harness: Cable harnesses are strings of cables which transmit data or power and are bound together in bundles to optimize space, prevent wires from damage, and prevent shorts. A cable harness is commonly used in automobiles, construction equipment, as well as electronic and electrical products. Whatever your application, we are prepared to help you design and manufacture a cable harness that will satisfy your needs.

Custom Wiring Harness - Solutions to Customer Spec: Our custom wiring harness expertise spans a wide range of applications and products in the electromechanical, industrial, military, communications, and RF/video industries. Our cable harnesses consist of various types and sizes of wire, solder and crimp type terminals and pins, along with various electrical components specified by our customer. Learn more about our custom wire and cable services and send us your custom wiring harness requirements.