Cables Unlimited, Inc.
Who is Cables Unlimited?

Cables Unlimited is a high quality manufacturer of custom cable assemblies, wire harnesses, fiber optic cables, and hybrid cables, serving OEM customers throughout the United States and worldwide. We manufacture custom cable assemblies, adapters and electromechanical wiring harnesses for computer, LAN, communications, military, robotic, industrial, medical equipment, as well as serving some of the biggest names in the wireless market with our Optiflex custom hybrid cables for cell towers.

As a custom cable manufacturer and assembly house, Cables Unlimited specializes in finding solutions. Give us your most difficult wire and cable specifications, and we will design and manufacture a custom cable product to meet your needs. We can work with existing specifications and drawings, or help with the design of a completely new product to fit your unique application.

With more than 25 years of experience assisting our customers with everything from basic cable assemblies to complex proprietary solutions, Cables Unlimited is prepared to manufacture and deliver the high quality Made in the USA cable you need.

Custom Cable and Wire Harness Design and Manufacturing

We provide custom cable design services, rapid in-house prototyping, and low, medium or high volume custom cable and custom wire harness manufacturing capabilities. If you are in the design stages of your cabling solution, we can provide engineering assistance and prototyping. If your requirements are already specified and ready for quote, we are uniquely positioned to meet your deadlines and pricing targets, due to our extensive in-house services and advanced manufacturing capabilities. But we offer much more than state-of-the-art manufacturing - our dedicated team is also known for going to great lengths to meet the needs of our customers, including working round-the-clock to meet tight turnaround time requirements.

Corning CAH ConnectionsSM Gold Program

Corning Gold Cable Assembly House

Only an elite group of cable assembly houses (CAHs) meets the high production and quality standards required to be eligible for this program. These companies have demonstrated, over a period of many years, a proven track record of manufacturing and business excellence.

Corning Extended Warranty Program

 As a Corning Gold Program member, Cables Unlimited Corning fiber cables are covered by the Corning Extended Warranty ProgramSM that provides a 25 year project warranty.

Wire and Cable Solutions

Cables Unlimited offers a wide range of solutions for some of the most challenging applications around. Our products include specialty fiber optic cables, custom cable assemblies and custom hybrid cables.

Dedication to Customer Service

Customer service is top priority at Cables Unlimited. We pride ourselves on our willingness to go above and beyond to meet even the most unique and challenging requirements on time and on budget.

Division of RF Industries

RF Industries (Nasdaq: RFIL) acquired Cables Unlimited in June 2011, as a means of providing more complete solutions to the telecommunications industry.