Cables Unlimited, Inc.
Military and Aerospace Cable Assemblies

Tactical cables, MIL-SPEC cables, military connectors, space cables, military and aerospace fiber optic cables, and fiber optic cable assemblies, are all available from Cables Unlimited for the military and aerospace markets. Cables Unlimited is a one stop shop for all of your standard MIL-SPEC and aerospace cable needs, as well as any custom fiber optic cable and custom cable assembly requirements you may have.

Military Cable Assemblies and Military Harnesses

Cables Unlimited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of military cable assemblies and military harnesses, as well as tactical cable, and MIL-SPEC connectors. Our military cable assemblies are rugged, dependable, and of high signal integrity. They also meet MIL-STD requirements for extreme environmental situations. Common applications for our custom military cable assemblies and military harnesses include military ground equipment, field communication links, inter-shelter communications, airborne systems, remote weapons control links, and marine systems.

Our meticulous quality control system ensures that Cables Unlimited will provide the superior military cable assemblies and military harnesses you need to hold up against the rigors of tough military applications. Experienced and highly-trained personnel provide multiple in-process inspections and 100% final electrical inspections for all of the military harnesses and cable assemblies we manufacture.

Read our custom military grade tactical cable assembly case study to see how Cables Unlimited delivered a custom tactical fiber optic cable assembly to withstand  harsh desert environments and provide reliable performance in a military training application.

Military and Aerospace Fiber with MIL-SPEC Connectors

We offer rugged, harsh environment military fiber optic cable assemblies for a wide variety of air, Navy, ground, and aerospace applications. Cables Unlimited also offers high reliability MIL-SPEC connectors and MIL-SPEC cables from top quality manufacturers. Our custom design and manufacturing specialists are ready to work on your custom assembly and harness requirements, to ensure the stringent performance of your application.

Tactical and harsh environment connectors are used as military connectors, corrosion resistant military connectors, when operating at high temperatures and vibration (TFOCA, TFOCA II, 38999, 28876, etc., or standard commercial optical connectors).

Aerospace Cables, Defense Cables, and Satellite Cables

Cables Unlimited is known for meeting the rigorous quality standards for manufacturing aerospace cables and satellite cables. We also offer MIL-C-27500 cables and military and aircraft fiber optic cables for all of your military and defense needs. We ensure our high quality design and manufacturing by employing highly-trained engineers, and by acquiring the most up-to-date cable assembly manufacturing equipment.

 To learn more about our military and aerospace cables, or to request a quote for standard or custom items, please call a Cables Unlimited representative at 1-800-590-9965.