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Corning Cable Assemblies

Corning Cable Assemblies are available for custom manufacture from Cables Unlimited. Cables Unlimited is one of just twelve certified Corning Gold Cable Assembly Houses in the United States, so you can be sure that your Corning assembly will be built to the highest standards in quality and performance.

Our Corning Cable Systems cable assemblies are all custom-built to your specifications. With our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, we can offer a full range of connectors and factory-terminated cable options in an almost infinite number of configurations, from single-fiber jumpers to specialty high-fiber-count assemblies.

Start designing your custom Corning cable assembly using our design form below. Select connectors, cable types, assembly lengths and more, and submit for a free quote.

Unsure of which components you need in a custom cable assembly solution for your application? Call 1-800-590-9965 to speak with one of our cable assembly experts, ready to help you engineer the perfect Corning cable assembly for your needs.

Corning Cable Codes
Type OM1 Fiber OM2 Fiber OM3 Fiber OS1 Fiber
No Listing Required        
900 µm K4141 B4131 T4180 R4131
Riser-Rated (OFNR)        
Single-Fiber Cable        
2.9 mm K3141  B3131  T3180  R3131 
2.0 mm K2141 B2131  T2180  R2131 
1.6 mm  K3116  B3116  T3116  R3116 
Zipcord Cable (2 fiber)        
2.9 mm K5141  B5131  T5180  R5131 
2.0 mm K5120  B5120  T5120  R5120 
1.6 mm K5116  B5116  T5116  R5116 
DFX Cable (2 fiber)        
2.9 mm legs -- -- --  R9131 
2.0 mm legs --  --  --  R9120 
Fan-out Cable (2-24- fibers)        
2.9 mm subunits  K61HD  B61HD  T61HD  R61HD 
2.0 mm subunits  K61LD  B61LD  T61LD  R61LD 
1.6 mm subunits  K61XD  B61XD  T61XD  R61XD 
MIC Cable (2-12 fibers)        
2.9 mm K8120  B8131  T8180  R8131 
2.0 mm  K8120  B8120  T8120  R8120 
900 µm K81NF B81NF  T81NF  R81NF 
MIC Cable (> 12 fibers)        
2.0 mm legs  K8120 B8120  T8120  R8120 
900 µm legs K8130  B8131  T8180  R8131 
MIC Unitized Cable (36-144 fibers)
2.0 mm legs K8120  B8120  T8120  R8120 
900 µm legs  K8130  B8131  T8180  R8131 
Ribbon Interconnect Cable (2, 4 and 12 fiber)  KJ140* BJ131*  TJ180*  RJ131*
Ribbon Cable KC725*  BC725*  TC725*  RC725* 
ALTOS Cable KW725*  BW725*  TW725*  RW725* 
Plenum-Rated (OFNP)        
Single Fiber Cable        
2.9 mm  K3841  B3831  T3831  R3831 
2.0 mm  K2841  B2831  T2880  R2831 
1.6 mm  K3816  B3816  T3816  R3816 
Zipcord Cable (2 fiber)         
2.9 mm K5841  B5831  T5880  R5831 
Fan-Out Cable (2-24 fibers)        
2.9 mm subunits K68HD  B68HD  T68HD  R68HD 
2.0 mm subunits K68LD  B68LD  T68LD  R68LD 
1.6 mm subunits K68LD  B68XD  T68XD  R68XD 
MIC Cable (2-12 fibers)        
2.9 mm K8830  B8831  T8880  R8831 
2.0 mm  K8820  B8820  T8820  R8820 
900 µm K88NF  B88NF  T88NF  R88NF 
MIC Cable (> 12 fibers)        
2.0 mm legs K8820  B8820  T8820  R8820 
MIC Unitized Cable (36-144 fibers)         
2.0 mm legs K8820  B8820  T8820  R8820 
900 µm legs K8830  B8831  T8880  R8831 
Ribbon Interconnect Cable (2, 4 and 12 fibers)  KJ840*  BJ831*  TJ880*  RJ831* 
Ribbon Cable  KC825*  BC825*  TC825*  RJ831* 
FREEDM Cable  KWF25*  BWF25*  TWF25*  RWF25* 
FREEDM LST Cable  KSF25*  BSF25*  TSF25*  RSF25* 
FREEDM Ribbon Riser Cable  KCF25*  BCF25*  TCF25*  RCF25* 
FREEDM One Riser Cable (6 and 12 fiber)         
2.9 mm  K8F30  B8F31  T8F80  R8F31 
2.0 mm  K8F20  B8F20  T8F20  R8F20 
900 µm K8FNF  B8FNF  T8FNF  R8FNF 
FREEDM One Plenum Cable (6 and 12 fiber)         
2.9 mm  K8P30  B8P31  T8P80  R8P31 
2.0 mm  K8P20  B8P20  T8P20  R8P20 
900 µm K8PNF  B8PNF  T8PNF  R8PNF 
ALTOS Cable KW425* BW425* TW425* RW425*
Tactical Cable 2.0 mm K8U20 -- -- H8U20



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