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LED Lighting/Data Center Installations for Medical & State Facilities

Cables Unlimited doesn't just provide cabling. It also provides a wealth of services, including cable mining, wire and cable installation, data center management, and even LED lighting and commercial telephone system installation services. Let Cables Unlimited take care of sourcing equipment and materials, and forget the stress of working with multiple companies – Cables Unlimited will also complete the installation when it’s most convenient for your schedule.

State institutions such as police departments and correctional facilities, and medical facilities such as hospitals and retirement homes have all relied on Cables Unlimited for their data center management and cable and lighting installation needs.

These types of state and medical facilities cannot afford to have disruptions and distractions during standard operating hours. Cables Unlimited understands the importance of accommodating the customer’s schedule and offers off-hour cable mining and cable, LED lighting, and commercial telephone system installation services.

Cable Mining Services

Cable mining services involve clearing out any outdated or unused cabling that can otherwise interfere with the organization and operation of other systems. Cable mining is an important step in updating the data center in any facility.

LED Lighting Installations

LED lighting allows these institutions to save money with power company rebates, in addition to running their facilities in a more environmentally friendly, energy efficient manner.

Commercial Telephone System Installations

Cables Unlimited will also procure and install all the components necessary for a new commercial telephone system. Updating your system is hassle-free with Cable’s Unlimited’s off-hour installations. The installation team is also available to test and troubleshoot the equipment.

Medical Cable Installations

Cable installations in medical and surgical environments such as those in hospitals require special certifications. Cables Unlimited is able to deliver the certifications and product quality they need. Cables Unlimited also offers services outside of standard business hours, so installations do not interfere with the normal operation of the hospital.

Cabling Installations and Data Center Management

Call Cables Unlimited in to update your networking cables and get your data center up and running to its fullest potential. Cables Unlimited’s installation professionals are available to hook up keyboard, video, mouse equipment, data and communications cables, telephone systems, and more.

Call 1-800-590-9965 to learn more about Cables Unlimited’s cable mining services, cable installation services, commercial telephone installations, and LED lighting installations.